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going for the gold.

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-12
Expansion of U. S.
The Olympic training center means the expansion of the Kansas building wood products business.
The eyes of the world are focused on the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, and the employees of Selena and KS, manufacturers of building wood products and laminated shell products have focused on the future of American athletes through their role in American expansionS.
Olympic training center in Colorado Springs.
Salina Planing Mill was awarded a contract to provide construction wood products and box goods for the first two stages of aplanned 4
Gradually expanded, which began in December 19.
Led by owner and company president Stan Robuck, Salina PlaningMill is no stranger to this kind of work.
The company has nearly 90 years of experience in producing quality building carpentry for church, court, school, bank lobby and other commercial and institutional clients.
In recent history, Salina has added laminate and solid surface manufacturing to its business portfolio.
Roebuck, former dean of the school of architectural carpentry;
He said his company recently passed AWI\'s new national building wood products quality certification program.
30,000 run by Salinasquare-
Plant and hire person pluson-Site installer.
The Olympic Training Centre project salina was initially involved in the expansion of the Olympic Training Centre, when G. building management awarded a contract to produce construction CarpentryE. Johnson.
It turns out that Salina has worked with the project prior to the project\'s general contractor, which is a decisive advantage because Johnson knows the capabilities of Salina scapabilities and Salina understands Johnson\'s requirements.
The second phase of the expansion consists of four main buildings, and Salina is contracted to supply and install the building wood products and laminated shell goods.
Salina\'s duties include the provision of cabinets, desks and other box goods for the center\'s dormitories, restaurants, sports medical facilities and visitor centers.
The first building of the second phase of the project was completed.
20 this year
The visitor center will be completed in November and will have a retail store and an Olympic Hall of Fame. 15.
A sports center consisting of decorative restaurants and restaurants is scheduled to be completed in January. 28,1997; and the U. S.
The swimming headquarters of the management facilities and office center will be completed in February. 1, 1997.
At any given time, the activities of Salina Planing Mill vary in order to complete orders for several items.
In addition to the ongoing Olympic Training Center project, the factory is also in a large-scale order for a hospital in southwest Kansas that needs the same laminated furniture as the person entering the center.
Salina\'s manufacturing plant in central Kansas is divided into several departments to accommodate each stage of the production process of laminated shell products.
Most of the goods in the current project involve layered substrates assembled into cabinets and box goods.
Most of the materials used for Olympic training center furniture were donated by International Paper, the sponsor of 1996 Olympic Games.
The list of donated materials included in the training center project includes raw meal plates; Nevamar high-
Sheets with pressure, LamMates, High Line
Pressure laminate and coordination hot melt melamine Assembly panel (MCP);
Solid surface material.
Although the original building plan required use
For all cabinets and panels with good housing, the designer finally decided to control the cost by adopting the manufacturer\'s value engineering concept. Thus, low-
Wereredrawn orcoordinating thermalfused melamine board in the field of transportation, with high-quality matching colors
Pressure lamination for high
Wearable area including top, door and drawer front.
By replacing high with samecolor of melamine-
Many vertical and other low pressure laminated productswear-and-
Salina is able to provide engineers with high quality, low cost products.
Salina in the material work order for each part of the Olympic Training Center project is received at the factory and stored on the Salina scantirack rack system at the back of the building.
The rack system speeds up the recovery of wood and composite panels used in production.
In addition to the use of pre-laminated melamine panels, the Salina operatesa Joos Hot Press, which is self-operated, can also be applied with high
Apply pressure on the substrate.
The pva glue provided by Franklin International is used for cardboard. Panels are cut-to-
Size on Holz
Her 1220 vertical facing panel saw or one of two Altendorf F-
45 table saws. A Holz-
Her Accord 1447 automatically applies edge-sealing materials.
Edgebander is able to apply a wide range of edge materials used by Salina, including thin strips, 3mm PVC and solid wood.
The workpiece that needs to be molded application, such as the board installed in the mail room behind the reception desk of the dormitory, is processed on the Diehl 406 mold. An Ayen SKB-
50 multi-spindle drilling machines purchased from force Machinery are used to drill horizontal and vertical holes in 32mm centers for inserting hardware other than wooden piles and hinges.
Next to the Ayen drill bit is the table where the pins are inserted and glued to the panel.
The final clamping is performed on the aHess case fixture.
After the frame is positioned, glued and assembled, the cable is taken to the last step of the mounting door and hardware.
Grass insert machine for installation of hinge.
An employee then performs a full quality check to ensure that the parts are assembled in good condition and that no defects are visible in the various components.
At the same time, the drawer box parts are processed on the Dodds pick-up machine.
All the drawers of the Olympic project are made of Baltic birch trees;
Drawer front finish high
Pressure lamination.
All assembled cabinets are hand packed with plastic wrap and cardboard packaging buffers to protect them from damage when shipped to the job site.
There are five and a half.
The trailer that ships its products to the workplace, so damage control has been further strengthened since the company\'s own employees manufactured, shipped and installed the products.
The form is as follows-
Pressure laminate and shell types designed specifically for the Olympic Training Center overlap functionality and aesthetics, Robuck said.
Durability and functionality are the main concerns, especially in sports medicine facilities and restaurants where a lot of use can be seen.
Aesthetics is another major design element as this facility will host guests from all over the country and around the world.
In a sense, the total decoration of the building will symbolize the \"home\" of the United States\"S. Olympic Team.
Project manager Jerry Gach explains how the use of various materials in the overall design concept creates unique media convergence.
\"The design aspect of this project is interesting because it includes many metal and plastic elements as well as wood and laminated products.
All buildings have a general theme and various elements are designed to be combined with other elements, so there is a lot to remember in addition to the particular work we are working on.
\"Gach also said that many of the walls and reception areas of the entire building are made of maple leaf panels, hardwood floor panels and a variety of rough and shell using LamMates MCP boards and HPL boards
The reception desk of one of the dormitories illustrates the mixed use of materials in this project.
The table is made of a mix of plywood frames and a participant board with three
Color laminated front panel applied before assembly.
Decoration and coverage will be added to complete the reception and once the entire structure is installed in the dormitory building, it will be integrated with the existing building.
\"According to different components, like this, decorative elements are applied to different assembly stages, and some parts will be installed as soon as they are installed on site.
\"About five years ago, during the first phase of construction, Salina entered the Olympic Training Center project.
The work at this stage is mainly construction carpentry.
Gach said that one difference between OTC projects and other work is that \"because so much material is donated by International Paper, it must be evaluated and approved by all relevant departments before work begins
\"Normally, construction drawings are drawn based on these and then the raw materials are sorted,\" Gach said . \" He allocated his time between Salina\'s facilities and his place of work 500 miles away.
In this case, the order must be calculated, submitted and approved by the architect, supplier and the Olympic committee responsible for overseeing the project before any work begins.
This makes a lot of mathematical calculations to determine how much each material needs, in addition, there are a lot of design modifications on the drawing board and a lot of communication between the parties.
\"As each part of the project appears, we have to assemble all the parts together in order to coordinate with the right goods,\" Gach continued . \".
\"Once these parts are assembled and shipped to the job site, there is a task to have them installed correctly to accommodate the next work.
\"This is a joint effort by several entities, which makes it interesting,\" Gach said . \".
\"This is very recognized by all parties, because it will be a national one.
Recognition can be done once it is done.
\"Related article: a TEAM of TEAM salina Planing is part of the behind-the-scenes TEAM at the Colorado Springs Olympic training center, laying the foundation for future world champions.
The team consists of architects, designers, builders, suppliers and manufacturers, all of which are regulated by the United States. S.
The Olympic Committee that funded the project
Decorative Products Department.
International Paper is the main material provider for the expansion of the Olympic Training Center.
Some specific materials donated by International Paper for the project include nevmar high-
Presure wood selects White Maplepanels and solid surface materials for The Fountainhead.
\"We participated in the Olympic Games as sponsors and assigned our products for many projects that included the same process of getting our products into the pictures, \"William Waters, marketing and sales manager and Olympic coordinator for the Decorative Products division, explained.
International Paper industry.
\"In some cases, our products are designated in the plan from the beginning.
In other cases, we are able to submit a proposal to the design company to use our products and explain how our products are more suitable for the project than the other materials in the plan.
\"Due to these efforts, Nevada laminate and solid surface products have been used in some dormitory cases in the village of olimpy, Atlanta, as well as some\" Surface products\"
The \"elevator\" project is a project in the city to welcome tourists, including the aviation terminal and the large Nike exhibition.
The second phase of the full expansion of the Olympic Training Center, where the former Air Force Base is located, plans to hold a full celebration. 1, 1997.
The first project, from 1992 to 1993, involved the construction of a water sports center and a gymnasium.
The second phase, which began in December.
1996 to February.
1997, including the integrated Centre for Sports Medicine and Science; a 53,000-square-
Food Center with housing and restaurant;
Visitor center with retail space and Olympic Hall of Fame;
There is also a native American building. S.
Swimming headquarters.
A promenade will meander between buildings, showing every Olympic movement.
The work is not over.
The parties concerned are awaiting the approval of the funds and details of the third phase, which will include the office building;
And the fourth phase, during which the United StatesS.
Olympic headquarters will be built.
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