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Granite factory introduces classification of granite for you

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-18
manufacturer to introduce you to granite classification: granite with more diverse components form complex forming conditions, so a wide variety, there are many ways of classification. In accordance with the quantities of mineral species into black solid surface, white mica granite, Angle flash granite, mica granite, etc. ; According to the structure can be divided into fine grained granite, medium grained granite, coarse grain granite, porphyritic solid surface, granite and porphyritic granite, geode gneissic granite, etc. In accordance with the quantities of the accessory mineral points can be divided into containing tin stone granite, containing niobium ore granite, contain beryllium solid surface of tourmaline, lithium mica granite, granite, etc. Common feldspathization, greisenization, tourmalinization autometamorphism, etc.
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