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Granite is introduced

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-19
1, a kind of igneous rocks, the most widely distributed on the earth's crust, is the crystallization of magma deep in the earth's crust gradually cooling condenses into rock mass, the main ingredient is quartz, feldspar and mica. Is generally yellow with pink and gray. Quality of a material is solid, colour and lustre is beautiful, is a very good building materials. Known as granite. 2, metaphor stubborn: granite head. English name: granite [ ˈɡr& aelig; nit] Edit this section of the introduction of solid surface rock hard, difficult to be alkali or weathering erosion, is often used in building materials. ( ) The etymology of granum is Latin, and Chinese noun granite is translated by the Japanese. Early Meiji dictionaries and books on geology translation for or just rock. Describe the rock has a beautiful markings, or just post has said, this is a very hard rock, is a flower like the striped rigid rock. Chinese scholars who continue to use the translation. ( 1] magma in the depths of the earth by condensing deep into acidic igneous rocks, which formed part of the granite magma and sedimentary rock formed by the metamorphic gneiss rock class or migmatization. is mainly composed of minerals as feldspar, quartz, black and white mica, etc. [ 1] , quartz content is 10% ~ 50%. Feldspar content about two-thirds of the total, potash feldspar, plagioclase, Soda lime) And microcline ( Potash) 。 Different kinds of mineral elements vary, there could be contained pyroxene, hornblende. texture is hard and dense, high strength, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low water absorption, beautiful color can save more than one hundred, is a good material of construction, but it is not heat-resistant. stone material according to the color, decorative pattern, luster, structure and material factors, such as different grades. The ministry of economic affairs bureau of mineral granite can be divided into black, brown, green, grey, pale red color and red color is six classes. Although granite is a good material of construction, but parts of granite will overflow radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas. Radon can make the person suffering from lung cancer, the Hong Kong 13% of lung cancer is the cause of death the deceased radon concentration. Rich in quartz and feldspar granite intrusive rocks in the coarse grain or grain, is the most common in the crust deep diagenesis, composed of magma deep in the earth's crust cooled. Because of the paving stones and building stone, granite mining is an important industry for a time. can show dike or bedrock output, more representative of the irregular rock mass is size varies greatly. Is the main components of feldspar and plagioclase and alkali feldspar are usually very rich, the relative abundance of both into the classification of granite base. Most granite, the ratio of two types of feldspar here are less than 1/2. Belongs to the category of the eastern United States, central and southwest, in southwest England, Baltic shield area, west and central France, Spain and many other areas of most of the granite. Plagioclase is greatly more than alkali feldspar granite type, common in some areas of the western United States. Alkali feldspar content greatly exceed the plagioclase granite originated in New England, Britain and dozens of locations in Oslo, Norway, but is smaller, the rock mass in northern Nigeria's development is very broad. Quartz content in rock is less than 20% don't call granite, dark minerals ( Iron magnesia mineral) The biggest content is about 20% ( According to the volume) 。 Less in the granite is the main mineral of the white mica, biotite, hornblende, pyroxene or rare fayalite. Biotite can originate in any type of granite, and usually have, though sometimes content is very few. Sodium amphibole and pyroxene ( Sodium amphibole amphibole, sodium, iron, aegirine) Is unique to the alkaline granite. If no class content in two classes of feldspar and much more than the other, then the hornblende, pyroxene are unlikely to be the main minerals; Dark minerals is usually black mica or white mica, or both.
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