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Granite manufacturer to introduce you to granite

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-18
manufacturer to introduce you to granite traits: granite is a unique material, physical properties of these physical characteristics mainly porosity/permeability as follows: granite physical permeability is almost negligible, at 0. 2% - 4% between thermal stability: the heat stability of the granite has high strength, it will not change because of the change of ambient temperature, granite because of its high density and won't change due to the change of the temperature and air composition. has a strong corrosion resistance, so it's widely used in the reserves of chemical corrosion product on the ductility: solid surface range extension coefficient of 4. 7 x10 - 6 - 9. 0 x10 - 6 ( 英寸x英寸) 。 Color: the color of the solid surface and the hardness of materials are highly consistent: granite is the most hard materials, also because of its superior hardness and make it have good wear resistance. Ingredients: granite is mainly composed of quartz, orthoclase and microcline, the original give into solid surface is mainly composed of three parts: feldspar quartz biotite. Each component proportion generally determined by the color and material, but usually is feldspar proportion is 65% Quartz 10% - 90% Biotite 10% - 60% Physical properties density: 15% - 2790 3070 kg/m3 compressive strength: 1000 3000 kg/cm2 elastic modulus: 1. 3 - 1. 5 x106 kg/cm3 water absorption: 0. Shore hardness: 13% & gt; The proportion of the HS 70:2. 6 to 2. 75
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