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Granite manufacturer to introduce you to granite

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-18
manufacturer to introduce you to granite, granite, huāgāng史) Is composed of volcanic lava under considerable pressure under the molten state of uplift to the earth's crust surface, magma would spit out the ground, and in the ground slowly cooling solidification after the formation of the tectonite, is a kind of deep into acidic igneous rocks, belong to magmatic rocks. Is igneous rock, also known as acidity crystallization plutonic rock, rock is one of the most widespread in igneous rock, its content is given priority to with silica, accounts for about 65% 75%. of grain is the meaning of this term, often understood as chloroplasts in Latin, which was made on the structure small granule and the formation of the granite is the most hard stone, because it's a hard steel, anticorrosive and specular reflection effect, attractive color, high quality material, granite slabs, granite tile has been a significant market share, granite slabs and tiles are very popular now. For granite is plutonic rock, often can form a well developed and legible to the naked eye mineral particles, thus its name. Not easily weathered granite, color beautiful, colour and lustre appearance can keep more than one hundred years, because of its high hardness, wear resistance, in addition to used as advanced architectural decoration engineering, the hall ground, still the first choice for outdoor sculpture. The characteristics of granite advantages include high load bearing, compressive ability, and good grinding ductility, granite is also easy to cut, shape, can create a big plate of sheet etc. , all in all, granite with super durable ability. Because of its high density, besmirch hard to invade. After polishing granite slabs, granite, ceramic tile in the construction industry around the world have been in a very important position. used in exterior packaging, roof, floor and all kinds of floor decoration use. Mesa of doorsill, ambry, ground outdoor suits to use solid surface. Among them ambry mesa had better be to use brunet granite.
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