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Granite mining cost analysis

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-18
Because three bad splitting of rieter emerald green granite, and experienced the gunpowder blasting combined with artificial wedge splitting of the original mining method, the exploitation of the waste material cannot be forming, blasting crack serious, block rate is only 3%, mining waste material of low quality not only, also caused the serious damage of the ore bodies. The company took over early mining, ever use artificial hole drilling, combined with the detonating cord to control blasting, or ordinary solid surface mining technology, such as concrete expansion agent, and failed to achieve good effect. Since 2005, combined with the varieties of solid surface orebody and the characteristics of stone material, USES the diamond beads the mining process, the whole cutting a success. Mining block rate from 5% one 7%, a 33% to 30%. Of the 2005 annual production of sand saw length and height are more than 2. 4 and 1. 4 m, average volume 5 m3, the biggest sand saw material volume 9 m3. Sand saw material accounted for 65%, disk saw is a proportion of 30%. 2006 still USES the diamond beads without full cutting blasting mining craft, but increased the gantry cutting machine cutting and artificial drilling hole, concrete expansive agent of splitting decomposition method, partial separation of segmentation and block of stone of plastic processing, in order to reduce the consumption of diamond beads rope, reduce the mining cost. Since 2006 mines in the orebody overburden stripping, forming rules mining steps of planning stage, while mining block rate of less than 2005 levels, but also reached 11. Figure 1 0 2% are three rieter emerald green solid surface mine picture. Normal mining, bench height 6 to 8 m, stripping stage 2 a bench height 4 m; Separate body biggest cutting specifications 6 x 6 x 8 m = 288 m3. General sand saw is a specification for the, 2. 6 x 1 high. 7 x 1 thick. 5 m = 6。 6m3; Largest block specifications for, 3 long. 2 x 2, 2 m = 12 thick. 8 m3; If the user has special size is a demand, mining can also produce more specifications of the waste material.
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