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Granite supplier introduce granite features for you

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-08
Granite supplier introduce you to granite features: granite beautiful, durable, very hard. In ancient times, if there is a mining, processing equipment and technology, it will surely be more popular than the solid surface sheets for sale. Granite because often contains other minerals such as hornblende and mica, and present a variety of colors, including: brown, green, red and common black, etc. Because of its slow crystallization process, its crystal like rubik's cube intertwined one by one, so it is very hard. It, like the house and durable, not to drop, not easy scratches, not afraid of heat. Regardless of color or light, as long as there are some maintenance of common sense will not fade or dim. He was almost not affected by pollution, after polishing surface gloss is very high, all kinds of weather can bring impurities almost adhesion. Granite sawing wire rope method is commonly used in mining. A dense row of new technology such as eye and flame spraying method. Flame spraying method of mining rock kerf, born not perceptible, high production efficiency. The mined rock after coarse whole referred to as a block, then through artificial drilling is woven or sawing machine, produce the required size of tile, plate; Using milling machine or turning lathe processing, become a cylindrical or curved body; Finally artificial chop chisel coarse and fine rocky lines, or grinding, polishing machine, make the surface crystal light. Granite does not pollute the environment. Synthetic materials often accompanied by bad even toxic byproducts, during the term of the use of the building need to change a few times, Every time back to have to deal with the problem) 。 Granite does not need to change, because it is very durable. In addition, the granite is very practical, can be made into a variety of surface - - Polishing, inferior smooth, fine grinding, fire, water knife handle and sandblast. Due to often containing radioactive substances in the granite, need to measure the radiation levels when using granite, reconfirm their use.
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