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Grey what kinds of marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-20
Grey marble as decorative materials has been more and more popular, became synonymous with 'advanced grey'. The grey stone more and more, often choose and buy is dazzled! Grey solid surface sheets for sale as decorative materials has been more and more popular, became synonymous with 'advanced grey'. The grey stone more and more, often choose and buy is dazzled! Today let's appreciate the fashion popular gray marble. Turkish grey, belong to high cold gray tone, Turkish grey natural marble plank, mainly used in architectural decoration of high grade buildings, such as used as a gallery or theater of large public buildings indoor metope and ground surface decoration materials, can build high-end space effect of the atmosphere. Often used in stair railing, window sill, skirting board, etc. Hermes ash can be said to be the most popular grey marble, level rich texture, exquisite, luminosity is good, adornment sex is strong material is very suitable for indoor ground and metope shop is stuck. Cloud bottom aedes DORA is gray, brown dotted lines, distinct straightforward and not messy. The castle grey color is dark yellow, and close to gray, is the only high-grade warm gray marble, the appearance of primitive simplicity and elegant, suitable for large area is used. Import natural marble, Italy is grey for high-grade decoration indoor, its grey lines elegant plain, contemporary and contracted style is suitable for decoration. Bruce grey group lines just like blooming flowers, elegant, luxurious feeling to the person. Suits with any style and soft outfit collocation, used for background wall adornment can make easily or fashion and elegant space atmosphere. Earl grey, grey fine lines, elegant clever, quiet quiet. Give a person the sense of calm, can build the dimensional feeling of comfortable and elegant, the floor tile in the room can let a space vision is more open. Cloud DORA limed and Turkey's origin is France Turkey, Bruce ash and earl grey origin are Shi Li stones industry co. , LTD. , Shi Li stones have 12 in mines, origin of direct selling, is rich in resources. Grey marble accounted for a large percentage in the stone market, not only has excellent performance in the clothing design, the 22nd session of the Shanghai international film festival opening ceremony peng in Berluti 2019 winter series grey marble pattern suit to attend, elegant and sexy, striking four. The future of the visible gray solid surface sheets for sale.
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