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growth potential for solar energy market

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-07-03
Discussions about solar power often overlook a major view of the potential of solar power.
This is a fairly simple calculation based on the square feet of potential solar sites and the average solar load capacity of the panels to be installed.
After understanding the potential of solar energy by calculating solar Computing per square foot, the business looks more profitable.
Understanding this simple concept can help novices grasp the huge growth potential of the solar market.
The solar market is expected to grow conservatively, doubling every five years.
Note that these are conservative estimates;
More optimistic forecasts show an exponential growth in the automotive industry between 1930 and 1980.
I would suggest cautious optimism, as the nuclear power industry had made the same predictions before construction costs and slow installation times prevented the industry from developing.
Then the disaster on the island of Three mile made the public disgusted with nuclear energy, but it has not recovered completely. Still, the U. S.
The Labor Statistics Commission of the United States pointed out that the industry has a high growth potential. S.
The Energy Department says the capacity of photovoltaic energy will increase from 60,000 MW to 300,000 MW in the next decade.
This means that the installation will have to grow at an average annual rate of 12% (
But actual growth is expected to follow the parabolic path).
The projected growth rate for 2011 alone was 26% per cent. Off-
The growth of solar energy in the grid is not considered in these calculations, because in most cases
Do-complete grid applicationit-yourselfers.
This information uses specific target groups of residential and commercial entities that will seek to supplement traditional energy use with solar systems to reduce the monthly energy costs.
This is good news for the solar industry.
As the entire United StatesS.
The housing market crash has left the economy in trouble, and the industry is still growing.
Any industry that can grow during the downturn should show greater growth as the economy improves.
As long as costs continue to fall, interest in the solar system will continue to rise.
This will expand the demand for production and installation specialists.
With this growth in the solar industry, more system designers, solar panel production facilities with skilled workforce positions, installation technicians, field supervisors will be required, operations managers, residential and commercial electricians and some other peripheral work.
The college has identified this demand for the future and has begun to offer career and technical degrees to suit the new needs of the industry.
PV system installers and integrators need to take a common core course to prepare for NABCEP (
North American Committee of Certified Energy Practitioners)
Certification test.
Once these classes are completed, one person is fully capable of landing-
Horizontal Position of solar installation company.
Of course, a solid work history in the construction field will help job seekers to cross the barrier at the top of the package, and any previous work as an electrician or knowledge of local electrical specifications will almost certainly translate into job opportunities.
At present, the potential solar energy per square foot is about 50 watts (
450 watts per square meter).
The average amount of direct sunlight on these roofs is about 5. 4 hours a day.
Take the total square foot of the open roof in the United States as an example, with a roof of 123,265,334,000 square feet available for solar power generation (
61,632,667x2000 square feet of average available roof space for the number of houses).
This makes the power of 6,163,266,700,000 Watts or about 6163 gigawatts per day.
The average usage is 27. 39 Kwh (
273,900 watts per day)
This energy can power 22,501,886 households a day, accounting for 1/3 of the total number of households in the United States.
This can reduce the same amount of fossil fuel demand.
Of course, this does not include any area that is not on the roof of the residence (
Desert areas, commercial roofs, etc. ).
Solar power plants are already in use in the southwestern United States. S.
But the potential of these plants is not close to the potential of residential units.
The research and development of solar energy industry is still in adolescence.
Chemists and molecular engineers are currently working on microscopic compounds that can work like they do exactly.
Mature solar cells
Swansea solar paint project has found a molecule that can be attached to the particles of titanium dioxide pigments used in the paint.
This will enable a spray solar collector that can be used on any surface.
The automotive industry and some roofing manufacturers have shown great interest in the technology.
This progress in the solar industry could bring about a variety of new jobs-imagine a new job called \"solar paint installation technician\" and even \"solar retrofit and home appearance enhancement
\"The potential solar energy per square foot of the American roof is enough to verify more research on this topic.
With the invention of solar paint, even the siding of the House may become a potential solar generator.
The area of the side panels is much larger than the roof, and even at less ideal angles, the solar capacity should be smaller than the roof.
Then, if the initial installation cost is low enough, traditional power plants may not be needed in the future, which is feasible. Referee;
America: green work is realS.
Solar energy employs more people than steel;
Stephen Lacey, June 2011: Bureau of Labor Statistics;
The development of solar energy;
James Hamilton, June 2011: progress;
\"No, the Three Mile Island accident in 1979 was not the main cause of the nuclear power disaster in the United States \";
Jonathan Coumi: the power of the family;
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Maine ar Rozenblat: Maine;
News of the Clean Energy Program; “First-Ever U. S.
According to the solar employment census, solar employment has increased significantly \";
October 2010: scientists“Solar-
Power paint lets you produce \"when decorating \";
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