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Guizhou stone material of the production and maintenance

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-13
Guizhou stone of the production and maintenance of guizhou stone is extremely rich, the kinds of different material, different color, different kinds of stone give a person the aesthetic feeling is also different. Recently for a period of time, guizhou archaize stone lifts a boom in the market. The so-called 'archaize stone', it is the natural granite or marble through special processing, make guizhou of stone material surface appear similar to natural wave or crack, after weathering and guizhou stone and appear natural wear and tear effect after use for a long time. Easy to write about, is the natural stone material processing such as used for hundreds of years old. Guizhou stone antique processing advantages of guizhou stone antique finish to have uneven satin sheen effect, wall mounted bar countertop natural crystal luster, a unique decorative effect; It would also improve the antifouling performance of stone material and waterproof performance, and can prevent slippery effect. Guizhou stone antique finish can also avoid buildings appear light pollution because of the specular reflection of light. At the same time archaize stone after wear easy to fix. At the same time, the color on the color difference of smaller than polishing processing, also more can reflect the value of natural environmental protection concept. Natural stone archaize processing of the main tools in guizhou guizhou stone antique processing is the main equipment of stone grinding brush, it mainly has three kinds: nylon brush brush, wire brush and mix. Nylon brush is made of high quality silicon carbide and special nylon material synthesis of grinding silk, firmly fixed in a brush made of the base, is mainly used for grinding marble antique brush. Wire brush is made of wire or low carbon steel wire, mainly used for brush grinding granite and other hard stone. Mixed brush, brush is made of nylon and silk special grinding. Guizhou stone grinding brush type classification in accordance with the specifications have Frankfurt, etc. ; According to the classification of mesh are: steel wire brush, 36 #, 46 #, 60 #, 80 #, 120 #, 180 #, 240 #, 320 #, 500 #, etc. The Frankfurt type used for industrial production of walking wall mounted bar countertop mill, grinding and polishing line, ground refurbished machines, etc. ; Round for small manual polishing machine, ground refurbished machines, etc. ; Fick spy for automated continuous mill. Natural guizhou on the surface of the stone material of archaize process due to the material and structure of the granite and solid surface sheets for sale is different, each have a characteristic, so the archaize of solid surface stone and marble antique stone processing method is not the same. On the surface of the granite archaize process due to the hard granite, first with the fire or high pressure water to granite plate processing into rough surface fire board or coarse panel, attention should be processed into rough hair side than ordinary singeing board more rough, it can avoid using stone grinding brush next SLATE too smooth and deprive page layout stereo feeling. Then use the stone grinding brush brush grinding, note that it is better to use steel wire brush. To proceed with a thick brush, brush in addition to the granite surface loose and finalize the design, not only high efficiency, and to wear and tear is small, the equipment can prolong the service life of grinding brush. Is according to the customer's specific requirements, after use by the coarse mesh to breakdown the number of the polishing abrasive brush order, until it met the requirement of the panel and the effect of luster. If the customer requirements to achieve smooth matte effect only choose steel brush, 36 # had four working procedure; If it is to achieve the result of mercerized should be added to 240 #, 320 #, 500 # 3, of course, if all process do the effect will be better. As for some have no gloss required some outdoor use plate can be directly using a wire brush grinding brush. antique surface processing: due to different marble texture difference is very big, so should be based on the characteristics of each type of solid surface sheets for sale differences to select machining methods. containing calcium magnesium carbonate or cracks more holes can use hydrochloric acid immersion corrosion, about 10 - soaking time 20 minutes; Use steel brush away after cracks and pores residue increase of stone material surface stereo feeling, finally is to use the coarse mesh to breakdown the number of the polishing abrasive brush order, to the plate to the customer request. If is calcite marble can more directly USES the steel brush processing, can also use wire brush to brush the uneven first three-dimensional surface effect, after use by the coarse mesh to breakdown the number of the polishing abrasive brush order, usually is to use 180 #, 240 #, 320 #, 500 # abrasive brush to processing, if it is more hard marble can be appropriately increased the previous procedure.
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