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if a countertop reverse osmosis water filter will not remove most contaminants, what will?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-02-29
Although you may have heard the opposite, the KKR countertop reverse osmosis water filter is by no means a water purification system.
Companies that design these filters are trying to take advantage of effective concerns about the increasing level of pollution in our water supply.
They are trying to sell people electrical appliances that are inadequate in removing all kinds of contaminants in our water supply.
The basic design of one of the units usually includes the use of porous membrane filters and granular carbon pre-filters designed specifically to remove particles in waterfilter.
Sometimes, these products have a second granular carbon filter due to the lack of a better term \"post\"filter.
Let me tell you something about the purpose of these filters;
You will find that this device is not the answer you want.
Pre-activated carbon particles
The filters that come standard with these KKR countertop reverse osmosis devices are designed to capture chlorine and other chemicals so that they don\'t appear in your glass.
It is extremely important to prevent the consumption of chlorine because this chemical is usually present in your water and is recognized as a carcinogenic substance.
Chlorine will not only cause cancer, but also affect the smell and taste of the water.
Nevertheless, this chemical is one of the more than 2,100 carcinogens present in our water supply, which account for only a fraction of the total chemical content of our water.
The activated carbon filter cannot remove all hazardous chemicals present in our water and it needs the help of another filter in order to stop all chemicals.
So if the activated carbon filter is not enough to remove all the chemicals that are present in our water, why does the counter surface reverse osmosis system have a second carbon filter?
The first filter is sufficient to remove up to 99% of the chemicals it is designed to block.
If the second filter removes the remaining 1% of these reagents while allowing other chemicals to pass freely, what is the benefit of it?
In addition to the activated carbon particle carbon filter, what is an effective water purification system is called a multimedia block.
This additional filter will remove all the chemical media that the carbon filter has not designed to remove, thus effectively eliminating the threat posed by any chemical in our water.
Also, what are the threats to health posed by surviving microorganisms and toxic traces of heavy metals in the water?
In order to remove metal traces and microorganisms from drinking water, your purification system must have ion exchange and micron filters.
The KKR countertop reverse osmosis system does not provide these important functions.
The porous membrane filter used by these systems is the removal of particles in the water.
Has been dealt with in the treatment facility;
That filter is useless to you.
The countertop reverse osmosis system is not worth investing in.
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