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Improve the design of bathroom 300% space effect-300% effect, overall bathroom, perfect space design

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-28

The bathroom presents the quality of life of the occupants, and the design of the bathroom is not a simple combination of a single tile and sanitary ware. As an important way to achieve a flawless bathroom, the overall bathroom design has been favored by many consumers. Boloni, as the leading enterprise of the overall bathroom concept in China, always believes that personalized bathroom space should be designed, from small showers, basins and bathtubs to large walls and floors composed of tiles and mosaics, all of which are the overall design concept. an important part of. Each seemingly separate part is actually closely related. Classic bathroom space design scheme Qingpu model real-life case layout: Founder bathroom space still occupies a major position in the current family. When designing the bathroom layout, the designer will first divide the dry and wet zones. The sink in the picture is set in the bathroom Deeper, thus ensuring the dryness and cleanliness of daily bathroom use. The shower screen is set in the middle area of u200bu200bthe toilet and the washbasin, and the walking distance is equal to realize the humanized needs. The double-sided layout makes the overall space of the bathroom more compact and provides a larger space for activities. Color: Dark colors are widely used in bathroom design, and cool colors can bring people a refreshing feeling. However, the application of pure cool colors will be slightly heavy. In the case, the theme wall made of red mosaics breaks this silence, like a red firework, illuminating the entire bathroom, a line of red mosaics, Gengshi runs through the bathroom, bringing a little warmth to the cold winter day. Storage: Due to the particularity of the bathroom environment, item storage often becomes a relatively difficult part in bathroom renovation. The use of bathroom furniture and hardware accessories has become a common choice for bathroom storage. The use of the bathroom cabinet under the washbasin in the case not only utilizes the space reasonably, but also easily realizes the storage of items in the bathroom. At the same time, some simple objects for daily use can also be placed on the countertop below the washbasin. In addition, the application of the false wall behind the toilet also provides more choices for the overall storage of the bathroom. Irregular bathroom space renovation plan Gome's real case in the front city Layout: Irregular bathroom space is often subject to many restrictions in the renovation of old bathroom bathrooms. In the case, when designing the overall layout, the designer first arranged the relatively large washbasin and toilet at the entrance of the bathroom, so that in addition to maximizing the convenience of the basic functions of the bathroom, it can also be used for the later ones. The shower area has relatively ample space reserved. Secondly, the application of the shower curtain makes the shower area and the daily toilet area divided into two parts, which easily realizes the dry and wet partition. On the premise of ensuring the basic functions of the bathroom, the designer arranges the sanitary ware relatively compactly, cancels the use of large bathroom furniture, and greatly increases the depth of the space. Color: Two-color bathroom space color solutions are used more and more. The black tiles on both sides of the hand-washing area in the picture correspond to each other, bringing a sense of sophistication and simplicity. At the same time, the dark color is easy to maintain, and it also provides convenience for the future maintenance of the bathroom. In the shower area, the designer used a subtle combination of light-colored mosaics with relatively large chromatic aberrations and golden floral tiles, dividing the bathroom into two parts, creating two completely different bathroom expressions. Storage: Simple hardware accessories and lightweight bathroom furniture have become the best choice for small bathroom space storage. In the case, the designer chose metal storage shelves to replace the use of bathroom furniture, and through the longitudinal extension of the metal shelves, the storage space was improved. The horizontal expansion of the washbasin also provides enough space for the placement of scattered supplies in the bathroom. Coupled with embellishments like towel racks and metal hooks, storage problems are easily solved.

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