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In all building decoration materials, natural stone is the only can meet the demand of construction and the human living environment all the practical application of natural decorative materials. Due to the

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-14

mining processing, stone products from design to construction of the shop is on the chain, need to pay attention to each link. But, as the last procedure - — 's construction shop is particularly important. More specifically, pavement construction is decides the construction enterprises, suppliers, all factors such as pavement, installation personnel into the decoration of buildings visible surface effect for one of the most important working procedure.

past experience tells us that the adornment collocation of the stone, or most of the issues between the stone application and construction due to the 'shop method is not correct'. In other words, the problem is not from the stone itself, but because people awareness of the stone pavement details is not enough, lead to the construction of questionable. However, after the shop is a problem, often be placed on the judgment is stone material.

'pavement construction' as the whole project at the end of the process, to determine whether the stone in the decoration. Therefore, in order to make the buildings are beautiful and safety of decoration, we must understand the work shop is the basic steps.

first of all, prepare pavement bearing layer and base. A plane carrying layer is ( Ground bearing layer has a natural and man-made, metope bearing layers are artificial) The plane's role is to support loads from upper component. Its property shall be consistence, supportive, stability, and sealing. veneer base, is directly on the stone veneer store artifacts. When the shop installs the ground, the effect from this base is distributed vertical load and tension, so that the force bearing layer of support and not collapse.

when metope shop, through a fixed device ( Back plug, mud, adhesives, fasteners, etc. ) To the bottom of the base load produced transmission wall facing. Due to the construction method is varied, so the ground is also various. Pavement surface, the base may be one of many standard functions under the floor, The leveling layer, for example, or sound insulation layer, etc. ) , or have a layer of floor, Such as wood, artificial synthetic stone, ceramic) Or leveling layer ( The benchmark level) 。 If it is metope shop, facing plank is under visible wall, concrete wall, plastering, or clay brick surface, etc. veneer subbase and bearing layer need not deliberately keep both consistent, but sometimes also can put the two shop is centrally. For example, or laying on the floor in the laying of building outside wall finishes, can be directly laid on the concrete bearing wall.

second, preparing mixed agent of uf resin. Blend uf agent between bottom and stone veneer. Is this kind of products, in addition to a small number of premixed good, that is outside of the box, are generally before paving stone veneer at the scene to mediate. Make these mixed uf agent need mortar, grout, glue and glue agent; The tools needed to have a barrel, spatula, water, measuring cup, and meter and so on. In addition, to reconcile security concerns, but also prepared some protective equipment.

the third, the official shop operations. veneer board official shop operation, also is the wall mounted bar countertop material ground plate or metope spread sheet in order to the ground or the adornment metope. This is all design, preparing work to carry out the important transformation process in practice.

this stage can be divided into two steps, one is to connect materials ( Mortar, grout, agent of uf resin, the wall facing the 'dry' mechanical fixture) Extending and positioning; 2 it is sheet based on texture direction ( In order to form a certain pattern, demonstrated the value of texture, etc. ) Fixed plate, make up for the lower layer all uneven defects and other problems.

the fourth caulking, jointing. This procedure is to choose appropriate materials ( Plaster, gap filling agent, grout, joint filler, etc. ) The shop is on the ground of the gaps between the plate and sheet enclosed, this is a formal follow-up work shop operations, it does not belong to the formal shop is homework, so the caulking, pointing to pay attention to and there is a time interval between formal shop.

5, facing further renovation (on the surface of the plate Only on the ground) 。 The process, it is on the ground for grinding and polishing, if floor plank is wool board, prescribed polishing is the scene. Additional assignments may also is to use wax and protection ( Oil and water) And waterproof products. 'Luoyang shi caihang'
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