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Ink marble slabs for the stone material is natural marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-12
Stone permeability ink actually does not belong to the natural marble, marble plate specifically belongs to the series are derived, graphite plate stone permeability ink big board as the name suggests is that infiltration of graphite surface are derived, form the board face similar landscape painting. More graphite plate used in custom background wall material, graphite as the film of solid material, with strong resistance to high temperature, thermal conductivity, lubricity, chemical stability, good plasticity, good thermal shock resistance characteristics. Give priority to with white graphite with artificial ecosystem are derived, outlined a similar scenario of ink painting. Mainly used in home outfit, graphite plate setting wall decoration of hotels, guesthouses, graphite plate belongs to the series of products are derived, the pattern is not so natural natural big lidan, but of graphite landscape big board ex-factory price is cheaper, generally around more than 100 square, similar to the board face natural big li shi is tens of thousands, tens of a set of commonly. Stone permeability ink mainly concentrated in the big board processing areas are derived, the world production base are derived is the world's largest ecological artificial solid surface sheets for sale base, stone factory has many hills, graphite background wall big board technology. Congratulation state known as the 'post all of the stone' title, graphite setting wall though development is late, but the development is the fastest.
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