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Inventory of the five magic weapons to unify the overall bathroom style - overall bathroom, unique style

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-14

The significance of the overall bathroom is that all items must be integrated into a unified style, and bathroom furniture is no exception. It’s not enough to just have a theme wall with a unique style, a good theme wall should also be matched with good bathroom furniture, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Magic weapon 1: the choice of the board is the key. The cabinet board accounts for a large part of the bathroom furniture. If you want to choose a good bathroom furniture, the main material should not be sloppy. Warm reminder: The choice of the box panel is not only waterproof and moisture-proof, but also environmentally friendly materials that meet the national E1 standard is the key to protecting the health of your family. Magic weapon 2: back protection is very important In the process of choosing bathroom furniture, consumers must pay attention to the details of the back. The use of double decorative veneer backboard can completely avoid the exposure of the MDF base material, and the agricultural production system will enter the board from the back of the cabinet, which is a good helper for waterproof and moisture-proof. Reminder: In actual life, it is impossible to completely remove the ubiquitous water droplets and water vapor after bathing every time. The back panel veneer is not only waterproof, but also protects the life of furniture. Magic weapon 3: Internal space can not be ignored After a period of use of general bathroom furniture, the bottom plate under the sink cabinet begins to deform, because the condensation water droplets left by the water pipes hidden in the cabinet soak the furniture at the bottom of the cabinet. Reminder: Places that are not easily noticed will have serious consequences due to neglect of protection and attention. Magic weapon four: observe more subtleties When choosing bathroom furniture, you must pay attention to the humanized design of small parts, which is the key factor for the success or failure of purchasing furniture. Warm reminder: When choosing, you must not let go of the small parts. Whether the furniture is professional or not can be known by observing the details. Magic weapon five: the installation process must be in place. When installing bathroom cabinets, it is often necessary to drill and punch holes in the box board. The multi-functional edge sealing strip can tightly wrap the cutting edge of the board and play a better waterproof and moisture-proof effect. Tips: Choose bathroom furniture is just a step forward. Water droplets and water vapor are pervasive. If you want to be completely waterproof, you must choose a professional brand to be waterproof and moisture-proof from all aspects.

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