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Kakino Gold's earliest curing agent-paraffin

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-26
The earliest curing agent ofsolid surface sheets , paraffin wax, only forms a dense wax film on the surface of the cured object, blocking the invasion of water, oil, etc. and playing a role in curing stone. However, paraffin wax maintenance is limited to the ground, not to mention aerial work to maintain the facade of the building. Paraffin is therefore called a 'temporary' curing agent.

compared with paraffin, the next generation of curing agent has better stain resistance, longer service life and wider application range, and is a 'permanent' curing agent. Although this kind of film has good waterproof performance and can block external pollution, its poor air permeability makes it difficult to eliminate moisture inside the stone, which is easy to cause Stone lesions.

after further development, the third generation of curing agent can prevent the entry of various pollutants without affecting the air permeability of stone. It is easy to clean and can be scrubbed with clear water. UV resistance, aging resistance and durability are better than the second generation curing agent.

In the fourth generation and the fifth generation solid surface sheets , it can not only prevent the entry of various pollutants, but also does not affect the air permeability of the stone, thus completely avoiding the stone lesions caused by moisture retention in the stone; Dust and pollution can only float on the stone surface. Easy to clean, scrub with water, and five generations it follows the requirements of environmental protection and health and epidemic prevention, paying more attention to the impact on the surrounding environment. It has the characteristics of simple construction and maintenance, non-flammability, safety, small color change coefficient of stone before and after use, etc. In a real sense, it has reached the realm of not only curing the original objects to be cured, but also not generating new pollution, adding a new way to maintain the environment, thus being called 'Green and environment-friendly building curing agent '.

khaki gold stone packaging, first of all, in the stone packaging, should be determined according to the quantity and transportation conditions and other specific conditions, and for long-distance transportation, generally, the smooth surface of the board will be placed in a box lined with moisture-proof paper in sequence, and iron waist hoops should be added at both ends of the wooden box, and iron wrap angles should be added on the crosspiece. The straw rope packaging needs to not expose the product and bundle it firmly.

Secondly, when handling, it should be light and light, and it is strictly forbidden to roll. When the upright code is placed, the back edge must be on the ground first; The single area of stone plate exceeds 0. 25m2, all upright handling. When large products are transported with lifting tools, their stressed edges must be padded; For products packed in wooden cases, when loading and unloading with lifting equipment, it is advisable to hoist one box at a time. When handling the products packed with straw ropes, the straw ropes shall not be lifted; Loading and stacking shall solid surface sheets be carried out in accordance with the requirements of storage. The transportation shall be stable and collision is strictly prohibited.

and the stone should be stored indoors. If it is outdoors, it should be covered. When the material is placed upright, it should be smooth and the inclination should not be greater than 15, the height of the pile is 1. 6m is appropriate, and the bottom surface and interlayer must be supported by non-polluting elastic materials. When vertical stacking is not possible, the smooth solid surface sheets should be opposite, the ground should be flat and solid, the interlayer support points should be on the same vertical line, and the stacking height should be 1 m. For packaged products, the height should be 2m

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