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kitchen countertops ... some tips for making a smarter choice for your kitchen

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-18
You only need to deal with four kinds of desktop materials. They are;
Ceramic tiles, laminates, cutting boards and solid surfaces.
Of course, there are many of these four categories. -
Classification and selection, you should know what your choices are, because they all have attributes closely related to your taste, lifestyle and budget.
In the game, do you want to finish the project by yourself?
Tiles. That\'s great. -it-
Your own dream.
They can be purchased on sale, sometimes for less than 75 cents per 12 \"x12\" tile!
At this price, you can use a lower price than you think to lay the table and floor.
Tiles range in size from 4 \"to 16\" and in price from 50 cents to 15 dollars. (and up)each!
With so many colors and textures, you will find something that will please the whole family.
Installation is easy(and fun)
A mesa project can be completed by an ordinary homeowner over a weekend.
Because you only make one tile at a time, errors can be repaired during your walk. There are several ways to finish edges, including wood trimming.
However, you have to rent or buy a tile saw and some special tools, and make sure you can live because of the cement slurry, an uneven surface.
Talk to people in the tile department in a big box.
Strengthened Wood Flooring Prefabrication-
For your cabinet or you have to cut and glue your own boards.
You know the name of this product, such as Wilsonart and formica. The pre-
The production part is the easiest job, you can buy them and merge them with the rear baffle and edge into the finished part.
All you or your contractor have to do is attach them.
They even make L-shaped counters at 45 degrees.
It\'s the cheapest option, if you want a perfectly smooth KKR countertop to roll your pizza dough!
The choice of meat pieces can have a warm and attractive appearance or avant-garde appearance, depending on electrical appliances, completion and backseat handling.
Meat cubes may be the first mesa material, and today they are used by top chefs and butchers because of their durability, hardness and endurance.
Bacteria and bacteria have nowhere to escape because they are very hard and non-existent. -
Porous. These are cleaned with a simple wipe.
You need to start over-
Using oil and water every few months can cause stains, but it\'s easy to clean up.
Watch out for hot pots and pans, because they are wood and burn.
In addition, some juices and liquids stain.
However, unlike other countertops, you can use sandpaper to polish these countertops!
The price is moderate, but we are looking for sales.
As the name implies, a solid surface is a solid.
The patterns and colors are the same along the way.
Because of the relationship between the manufacturer and the contractor, these equipment can only be installed by professionals, but can no longer be installed.
Today, you can order, customize and deliver from one of the big boxes, even online!
But remember, measure twice.
Solid surfaces are the most expensive of the four materials. . .
And you don\'t want to pay one more time!
Talk to the salesperson again.
Are there only four kinds of green countertops I\'m talking about?
Well, there\'s a fifth one. . and its big!
Nowadays, more and more manufacturers are developing Eco. -
Friendly desktop products.
Some people use recycled glass, scrap metal and even paper impregnated with environmentally friendly materials. -resins!
In fact, families, restaurants and coffee shops all use paper countertops. I bet you don\'t even know.
Search for \"Green Desktop\" and view it.
Finally, you don\'t have to be satisfied with any of these choices.
You can have a solid surface working table with ceramic tile back baffle.
Or, a board with wooden back trim and edges to match your cabinet.
How about the meat pieces on the stainless steel back baffle?
Choices are endless.
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