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Marble cleaning and maintenance

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-19
floor look from the exterior, give a person the sense of luxury is luxuriant, accordingly, when decorate, people will look into the marble floor, marble floor are increasingly brought to the attention of the people. When the marble floor after using for a long time, how to cleaning and maintenance of marble floor becomes a problem concerned by the people. Less water liquid into the solid surface sheets inside, the word of 'little strokes fell great oaks' is based on the stone in contact with the water for a long time will be corrosion. So the unfavorable clean water in the maintenance of marble. is porous material, usually it is easy to stick dust. So, for the daily care, to regular cleaning, but it's important to note that answers to use water less when the clean, with a slightly damp cloth to wipe with a mild detergent, and then use a clean soft cloth to wipe dry and polished. Available the natural attribute of natural marble cleaner and nurse agent itself because of its material caused by loose, easy to leave a stain, water is sensitive to scratches and damage, if there is no constant maintenance care, will lose luster become gray, even thick hand touch feeling, make the surface has slight damage or wear will happen serious two cases. To wear a serious marble furniture is more difficult, velvet nap of usable steel wire is wiped, use next dynamoelectric burnish machine burnish, make it restores luster. For minor bruises, can use nursing marble furniture special cleaner and nurse agent used for maintenance, the effect will be better. What tip 1 cleaning marble, marble is not resistant to acid and alkali, coffee, tea, juice, coke, etc with mild acid, alkaline liquid corrosion can end, so once found dripping, should quickly wipe clean, and with water over the net. Daily cleaning need to use neutral detergent. 2, plush cloth sofa can dip in with the brush with a little dilute alcohol sweeping brush again, with dryer for again, in case of fruit juice stains, with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and water to make, wipe with cloth dipped in again, the stain will decline. 3, for some of the large area, or it is difficult to clean stains, then must use super concentrated detergent for marble, it can effectively remove organic pollutants, or will be cleaner and decontamination powder amalgamation, or use can effectively remove stains of plant enzyme detergent and scouring powder >, after using mixture attached to besmirch place, after a period of time the stain was gettering and then use a wet towel to clean. About how to choose marble: natural solid surface sheets drops of ink on the back of natural solid surface sheets stone material plasticity is extremely strong, look to whether have the ink on drop penetration, if penetration means that the marble structure is loose, if appear this kind of circumstance remember don't buy it. Look at the surface of natural marble has a unique natural beauty, the surface is very light, reflects the figure, artificial marble surface is smooth, but not necessarily bright, artificial marble in general not lights people like natural marble, from this we can distinguish the difference between natural marble and scagliola. Observe the acrylic countertops on the back of the artificial marble or natural marble, if its surface pores, explain quality is poorer. Natural marble won't appear such circumstance, artificial marble manufacturing process to go through pressure and vacuum, usually won't appear small pores of the problem. As people for marble floors, more and more people are focusing on the marble floor is also rising. At this time, if you also for your home purchase marble floor, then master the marble floor cleaning and maintenance methods will become very important.
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