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Marble cleaning techniques and maintenance methods

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-19
Now many people in the interior is decorated in, in ground laid marble. This is a derived from natural material, it has rich unique texture, texture soft, beautiful sex good, hard, long service life, is the ideal material luxury home decoration. If you want to keep the marble floor good decorative effect, in that we usually use will be carried out on the marble floor cleaning and maintenance. The marble floor cleaning and maintenance? Below with baoxing jade acrylic countertops factory to understand! floor cleaning technique 1, if the surface is stained with tea, coffee, juice or other liquid stains, we can take a clean piece of cloth, and then use ammonia blended with 20% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the dishcloth wet. We don't try so hard to besmirch wipe, but this piece of white cloth cover on the stain first, and then with a plastic bag and tape wrapped in cloth. We had better be after stained with besmirch clear in time, for the stain to generate the shorter the time, the stain removal effect is better. 2, if the surface is stained with oil, then we can be near the oil and sprinkle some flour, and then stay for a day or so and then slightly brush off powder, after we again with hot, soapy water or dip in with the brush of ammonia cloth to remove oily be soiled. floor maintenance method 1, though its hardness is higher, the quality of a material is solid, but usually we in use or to avoid hard hit directly on the surface of it, in order to avoid to make the surface rupture. And we also want to avoid sharp objects direct contact with it, or to its beautiful sex will have an effect. 2, in our daily use, to ensure that its surface clean and clean, if you have any scratch its surface, that we need to promptly repair maintenance. In order to avoid other material into the aperture of the solid surface sheets ground, to infiltrate into its interior. We can use a dedicated maintenance wax coating on the scratch, then repeatedly to wipe the surface with a soft cloth, so that we can have good repair effect! 3, after we finish cleaning work, want to keep the surface dry, we can use a special dry dishcloth or mop remove it on the surface of the water, or let it air-dry, such marble ground water is not easy to appear spot oh! Above is the baoxing jade stone factory and explain the marble ground of related content, hope can give some reference to you!
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