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Marble color normal

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-31
because it is pure, pure natural, unique and uncontrollable of countless people prefer color texture, the color difference of adornment effect more space, but a few people will think it again 'abandon' do not match the colour and lustre, ridiculously think have off color of natural marble is 'defective'! This is when to clarify the misunderstanding. 。 。 。 。 。 Actually the color difference is not terrible, terrible is have no appreciation of the beautiful eyes. Shi Li stones industry co. , LTD. 'ask the boundless field' of natural marble landscape setting wall, if not it QingQi unique color how can show the majestic atmosphere, spectacular landscape? Italian leonardo forced the leonardo Da Vinci international airport the solid surface sheets for sale color, shading, fracture line on the ground everywhere, but because of this, have qualitative feeling makes it more and more able to bear or endure look! And the dark green beauty of the stone wall of setting of strewn at random have send, are typical engineering color, but has won acclaim and praise! is a natural beauty color, can't find two pieces of the same leaves in the world, for marble, the world can't find two pieces of marble is exactly the same. If there is no color difference, solid surface sheets for sale with salted fish have what differentiation? In 2019, off color is not the standard of measure of the stand or fall of stone already. In the eyes of designers have off color marble is the baby! The color difference, the greater the difficulty the higher can perfectly reflect the designer's level. Its individuation and alternative style is also a new era in hot pursuit by people! Used the same style, always wanted to pursue special surprises and unexpected, 'is not the same as what! 'Not just because of faith in stunner! Every piece of stone from nature guifushengong, because of its unique existence, to show its precious value. We should cherish the nature given the treasures of the world, to feel its personality and unique beauty.
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