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marble countertops

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-27
The first function of the KKR countertop-
Bar, kitchen or bathroom
Is to provide a suitable elevated working space.
The right table top position helps reduce spills.
The second function of the KKR countertop is decorative.
A medium like wood, while potentially decorative, cannot withstand moisture for a long time.
Natural marble is one of the most visually attractive surfaces on the KKR countertop today, but it does have its limitations due to its porosity.
Not sure-
Dyeing of tea, coffee, juice and certain cosmetics is done \"proofreading\" The way marble fires.
However, it is actually the only option in a marble designed bathroom.
When the bar and bathroom countertops use natural marble, the owner should be prepared for maintenance.
A more suitable choice is made of artificial or \"selected\" marble.
This is made of broken natural marble in adhesive media made of resin, polyester, calcium carbonate and other materials.
The final product can be like natural marble, the difference is not obvious.
The cultured marble is highly resistant to moisture, staining, scratches and debris.
Since it is a man-made material, it is easy to repair the main cracks and breaks.
At the same time, the noble marble also shines.
Although difficult, the artificial marble is still damaged by certain cleaners.
However, suppliers will always point out what can be safely used for maintenance and what cannot be safely used for maintenance.
The color of the cultural marble countertop can be changed by re-laying.
This service is provided by porcelain or enamel repairers and the result is visually attractive.
It must be remembered, though, that the \"marble\" effect will disappear completely and produce a solid color.
Although artificial marble is the most practical choice for gorgeous countertops, natural marble is a great choice for more beautiful countertops.
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