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Marble distribution of mineral resources in our country

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-22
Lidan mining resources is extremely rich in our country, abundant resources, species diversity, and the total reserves the world. Lidan mining resources is extremely rich in our country, abundant resources, species diversity, and the total reserves the world. According to incomplete statistics, homebred marble preliminary understanding of more than 400 varieties, including pure breed of design and color of the marble is relatively rare, the price also is higher, the domestic pure color has the following several kinds of 1, pure white marble are: Beijing white marble well; Huaining and guichi, anhui white marble; Hebei QuYang and Lai source white marble; Sichuan baoxing shu jade; Jiangsu GanYu white marble; Yunnan Dali cangshan m white marble; Shandong pingdu and Ye County Snow White and so on. 2, pure black: guilin guilin black; Black marble of shaoyang, hunan province; Shandong king sun mo, Venus; Henan anyang ink and black, etc. ; 3, red are: anhui anhui LingBi red screw; Sichuan nanjiang nanjiang red; Hebei LaiShui LaiShui red and fuping fuping; Liaoning tieling northeast red etc. 4, grey: zhejiang hangzhou hangzhou ash; Yunnan Dali clouds ash, etc. ; 5, yellow are: henan province rosin yellow, loose the breeze and cream-colored, etc. 6, green are: liaoning dandong dandong green; Shandong laiyang laiyang green jade and qixia waves; Anhui huaining blue waves, etc. ; 7, color are: the spring flowers, autumn flowers in yunnan province, ink painting, flowers; Zhejiang quzhou snowy day plum flower, etc. More stone is two or more than two kinds of design and color of design and color of stone material, the domestic most of color is given priority to with white marble stone, is also the biggest marble, even artificial solid surface sheets for sale raw material is high calcium carbonate to more than 90% of the white marble polishing powder.
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