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Marble factory action of true and false of the marble difference method is as follows

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-04
factory action of true and false of the marble difference method is as follows: test 1: drop a drop of ink on the back of the stone, such as ink one soon, it indicates that the internal particles loose stone, poor quality; But in case of penetration, ink droplets do not explain stone material density, good quality. It is a simple test of the stone material bibulous rate, if ink drips impermeable may indicate stone texture is dense, bibulous rate is low. usually besmear to brush a layer of protective agent, to prevent stains penetration. Even if the customer see drops impermeable protection agent is likely to be at work, and be not is the embodiment of the stone itself performance. In addition, if the stone on the back of the water into water droplets, illustrate its besmear brushs a protective agent, it is difficult to absorbing water, can also cause it with cement can't fit, so you can think positive of marble bibulous rate, the smaller the better, but should also consider its back with cement class agent of uf resin adhesive well. Common test two: the vinegar will react with marble generated calcium acetate, so will the vinegar will lead to drop in marble stone material surface to produce change, become rough, to see whether the real marble. This test on principle is plausible, but due to the weak acid, acetic acid test need longer reaction time, the consumer is can't see the results, with dilute hydrochloric acid effect is more obvious. Common test 3: tap on a marble, and pay attention to listen to the sound of the, if the sound is ringing suggests that product quality is very good, the internal delicate no crack; If the gravelly prove internal crack and the soft marble. This test can only show the texture of the stone is hard, brittle, and high strength, and not as a judgment criteria of stone material, because the sound of a stone varieties, sizes and itself, there is a certain relationship, the intensity is high marble is suitable for use in the ground. Other way related personage proposal, consumer is in solid surface sheets for sale of choose and buy when, want the solid surface of shen yonggong color, brown series, marble, if use, the area that holds a store had better not exceed 40 square metre. Flow do not buy as far as possible 'stall' marble, because among them a lot of marble are dyed, the wholesome safety of coating has a problem. At the scene when the choice, have the eye view, listening to the sounds, drops of ink 3 laws. Eye view: the stone material of uniform fine structure has exquisite texture, is the best of stone; Coarse grain and differ the stone material of a structure its exterior effect is poorer. Ear: good quality of stone material knock is ringing pleasing to the ear; If stone within slight crack or become loose contact between particles, as a result of weathering, beat cracking. Drops of ink: a small grain of ink on the back of the stone drops, such as ink one soon, namely that exist within the stone loose particles or aperture, stone material quality is bad. If ink drips to be not moved in place, explain stone material quality of a material is good. Consumer is buying stone material shall have the right to require the manufacturer to produce test report, and should pay attention to the date of the inspection report, the stone material of same breed because of its mine dot, ledge, producing area different, its radioactivity is a big difference, when choosing so or using stone material cannot onefold see one of portions examine only report, especially when large quantities of quantities on the project when using, should be partial is approved or grading detects for many times.
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