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Marble factory share marble surface pores clean method

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-05
factory share marble marble surface pores clean method is easy to pollution in the stone, so we should know the related method of cleaning, marble stone needs to be maintained is the one thing we all know that, but no one seems to the long stick, want to place the marble by pollution, in addition to insist on, also should to do: have certain natural marble stone are natural stone wool stoma, during daily use, such as oil, tea, coke, accidentally cleave after the stone material surface, then it is easy to follow the wool stoma penetration to the interior of the marble stone, forming stains, in order to avoid the pollution we must choose the high quality stone material special protective agent which can prevent the pollution caused by these substances in shandong yellow rust stone, also once pollution should be paid attention to touch on the stone must be immediately clear, avoid infiltration within the stone wool stoma. In daily in addition to the regular cleaning is not enough, to ensure the gloss of marble stone; Bright we should regularly professional stone material maintenance personnel to do maintenance and regeneration maintenance work, which can guarantee the marble stone luster bright, and later will be durable. surface pores clean method is a lot of, so this is all we need to know, so that we can better grasp the related things, if you want to win, must first have a good product, good product must first have a good quality, quality is always the first, marble stone material enterprise shall establish a quality control standard, strictly control the quality of marble stone.
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