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Marble factory Shi Li stones industry forklift safety operation procedures

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-03
Is Bai Tianran solid surface sheets for sale factory, company of forklift safety operating rules about what time; Is Bai Tianran solid surface sheets for sale factory, company of forklift safety operating rules about what time; 1. Fork lift truck driver must hold relevant certificates, and shall be responsible for proper use and maintenance of forklift. 2. All steering system, braking system, lift hydraulic system and the steering lights and horn defective forklift, must repair the rear can use. 3. Forklift either empty or full, should be in a safe speed, in the construction site within its highest speed should not exceed 10 km/hour, in and out of the workshop and warehouse door shall not exceed 5 km/hour speed, speed when he worked in workshop, warehouse or storage site shall not exceed 3 km/hour. 4. It is forbidden to fork teeth on manned or tower by outside. 5. Before the start of the forklift, we should find out the control valve handle is in the proper position, reversing switch should be in neutral position, parking brake should be sensitive and reliable. 6. Forklift truck operation direction change, only in the reversing switch lever is in neutral, when you don't turn the shaft. 7. No oil or hand to manipulate the steering wheel with wet hands. 8. Forklift forbidden overload and super long, super, super wide cargo, rolling items must be binding and firm, shall not move is inconsistent with forklift loading curve of object. 9. Cargo of fork, items should be as far as possible close to the landing gear, its center of gravity should be in the center of the landing gear, after, can ascend. 10. When loading the goods, such as weight is unknown, the goods should be folded after 10 cm from the ground, check the mechanical stability, when confirm no overload phenomenon rear can deliver. 11. When transporting goods giant, drivers must find out the width of the road is enough in advance. When the goods interfere with the driver's line of sight, driving forklift truck should be backwards. If you want to move forward, you must have assistant to help, to guide the driver, to ensure driving safety. 12. To prohibit the person placed additional weight or sit on the weight and other similar methods to overcome the instability of forklift. 13. During cargo handling, the door frame must be backward, pallet fork to 300 mm from the ground, fixed the goods when necessary, to prevent falls. 14. When load the goods, goods fork is on the rise or fall, forward or backward operation, especially in the maximum lifting height, tilt the door frame, action must be smooth and slow, can not have impact vibration phenomenon. 15. Fork on the road, the fork should be down, shall not be arbitrarily increase or decline. 16. Carry inflammable and explosive goods before, must introduce to the driver safety protection measures. 17. It is forbidden to carry goods under the following circumstances: ( 1) Forklift truck operation field uneven, have a sharp hard objects. ( 2) Pallet fork asymmetric installation, load the goods on the pallet fork, or when the goods on pallet fork instability. 18. Forklift truck shall not be engaged in long distance transportation, more shall not be used as a means of transport. 19. After the goods fork ascension, if there is no safety gear block or lifting equipment lifting carriage, it is strictly prohibited under the pallet fork various maintenance and debugging. 20. In before leaving the forklift must try to find out if all the control handle is zero, the parking brake is taut, pallet fork should be flat on the ground, get off and take the power key undocumented workers are strictly prohibited to use. 21. Forklift truck parked at the slope of the road, you must pad block under the wheels, it is forbidden to stop on the longitudinal slope is greater than 5% of the sections. 22. Operation personnel in strict accordance with the requirements of equipment maintenance and daily check.
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