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Marble ( Granite) The daily maintenance and nursing crystal

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-20
We often say that the marble acrylic countertops is actually the name of commodity classification, and not only is the marble of the petrology, is to put all the ornamental, and all kinds of machinability, magnesia calcium carbonate rocks and metamorphic rocks, collectively known as marble. Such as marble, limestone, dolomite, skarn, etc are listed in it. is of all kinds of magmatic rocks and metamorphic rock, mainly in silicate minerals, a general designation; Common granite, diorite, gabbro, basalt, gneiss, migmatite, etc. ever-changing color elegant, soft, and can be suitable for all kinds of style design, to create elegant, elegant atmosphere. But also because of its natural, change the characteristics of the differences in color is often unavoidable. texture soft, high density and low hardness. Has the very good can be refurbished, even if is used for decades, completely worn away the surface of the marble ground, also can be in only ordinary cases of single power supply, the surface of the grinding out a brand new again. But it is also so marble is a kind of delicate adornment material, need to correct the daily maintenance and the correct professional care. First of all, because the above physical and chemical characteristics of marble, marble is not strong acid and strong alkali, giving too much friction. In everyday use, therefore, don't let the lavatory spirit, fruit juice, caustic soda, soot detergent containing acid base material such as contact with marble. Is the toilet with a brush, mop and other utensils don't clean for marble. If accidentally touched by these harmful material, marble immediately with a towel or tissue should be touch, reoccupy clear water is a wipe with a towel. If left some traces of light, don't use sand paper to grind, the current commercially available sandpaper no one can put the marble ground of luster, such as the area is too large or can't stand, inviting professionals to deal with. Life will inevitably have some contaminants on solid surface sheets floor, must be timely towel wipe with water, the principle is to see the wet dry; Dry towel dry the besmirch, accidentally will leave a scratch; To use a wet towel to wipe, then use dry towel dry, like clean the Windows. The sooner for some pollutants containing oil discovery, the earlier erasing the better; Can use some neutral cleaning agent, such as washing the dishes agent, etc. But should follow the principle of see wet the stone material of dry cleaning. Small animal dung can also be this kind of treatment. Pollution, such as professional in the cleanser. Or a professional personnel for cleaning, please. For stone brightness can insist on how long, to dust control is first and foremost, the two aspects of the dust of Beijing is larger, and the dust contains a lot of silica sand, hardness up to 6 ~ 7 degrees, usually only 3 ~ 4 degrees and marble, if the dust is more, people on the go, like tread under foot with spun yarn paper, wear damage of stone material surface is big; So dust removing dust is very important, it can be put in the doorway dust-proof cushion, daily use dust ( Add lead dust liquid) Vacuum cleaners, water don't mop, mop water friction and water will have adverse effect on stone. The second point is that people walking on the marble must wear, even if the dust is very good ground, also can wear; In a common family, marble floors, less population, a yearly crystal nursing, can keep the common often new; And more ground to walk, you need to increase the number of nursing, if it is common place, hotel lobby, the door, passage, such as traffic was a great place for a month for a crystal of nursing, or a shorter period of time such as 1 ~ 7 days for a crystal nursing, also is very normal. Nursing frequency is proportional to the people is walking. This is the international stone care industry often said crystal nursing, ten years, such as 'new' the premise and foundation of this sentence. Traditional methods of marble floor maintenance is on the ground do a layer of wax membrane containing resin, to isolate the marble of the friction. But at the same time also brought bad texture and late care such complicated weakness. Crystal nursing method to avoid the weakness of the above approach, using chemical drugs - — Crystal hard drugs, with the aid of mechanical friction pressure, temperature, make the marble presentation layer produces change, in the micro friction and corrosion etc, generate new carbonate, oxalate, silicate blending crystallization, and combined with acrylic countertops into an organic whole, thus under the condition of without changing stone decorative pattern, color make the marble surface produces silicide layer, thus raised the stone material surface hardness, photometric, density and skid resistance. Convenient maintenance, this method will not cause harm to the stone material, especially suitable for the ground stone care and maintenance, especially the marble ground, accurately and timely care for crystal, can really achieve common often new effect. because its composition is different from the marble, high hardness, good abrasion resistance, acid resistance and better. But as a decorative stone, it is important to luminosity and color on the surface of the stone, solid surface once lost, pale or wear and tear, it is because of its high hardness, good wear resistance, a lot of difficult to recover than marble; So the daily maintenance of granite also should be like marble, careful seriously; Professional nursing is to keep the same crystal solid surface used often new good method.
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