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Marble installation should pay attention to

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-18
According to the main causes of cracks, and summarizes the following when installing a marble attention points, the wall cylinder bearing structure, such as installing a marble veneer, should stay structure settlement after determining again for installation, and at the top and bottom, installing a marble plate, should have a certain gap, in order to prevent the structure of compression, marble facing directly bearing pressure cracking. Install marble seam should not be greater than zero. 5 ~ 1 mm, sealing is tight, grouting to full, tile can not have defects such as cracks, lack of edge Angle, in order to prevent the erosion gas and wet air intrusion; Embed iron rust, cause surface cracking. after cracking, the need for quick repair, in case for acrylic countertops crack acrylic countertops drop, impact on pedestrians, or directly affect the structure of the form and quality. A, 1, preparation, construction matters needing attention before the mesa of stone material type, type, specification and quality must conform to the requirements for party a, design. After 2, product production must be checked by intensity, the result should comply with the regulations of the national standard. 3, mesa stents, when welding electrode model selection according to design requirements, there must be a certificate of quality. 4, the main machinery including welding machine, grinder, Angle grinder, cutting should complete the level. Second, the points for attention during the construction of 1, be familiar with drawings, according to the actual size, formulate the construction technology, technical clarificaiton. 2, the power supply shall conform to the requirements of the welding power. 3, construction environment need to be able to meet the needs of the mesa installation. Conduct site should be taken before 4, construction lofting, and accurately calculate the length of the bracket of each part, schedule a good size for processing. 5, according to the blanking length accurately, various sizes of the blanking length to allow deviation to 2 mm. 6, choose the appropriate welding process, welding electrode diameter, welding current, welding speed, etc. , through the welding procedure test. 7, when welding the welds should be solid, welds shall be full, can not have cracks, slag inclusion, flash and other defects. 8, fixed on the tile wall, with openings for anchored expanding open good hole position, in order to prevent the broken wall brick. 9, stone processing according to the size, water retaining plate height 120 mm, upper side under water retaining plate height 100 mm and provide a good wash face basin according to machining the hole, all the basin are all undercounter
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