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Marble is how to price

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-02
is how to price? is how to price? Good mining area as well as Beijing white marble mining mining area will be mining to the poor quality of solid surface sheets for sale, and less mining area, such as mining mining area has good white marble mining for congratulation state white marble. is the main pattern named on pricing, decorative pattern, the more beautiful the more have administrative levels feeling of the marble, its price is relatively high. The influencing factors of marble pricing; It a: solid surface sheets for sale hardness, is not to say that the more hard marble is more expensive, but affects the price of marble marble hardness. Requires at least a few marble mining to the finished product installation, processing procedures, if the marble hardness is too low, affected the illuminative effect, also increase the loss of stone material. Second: marble gloss to the solid surface sheets for sale renovation is to achieve high-end, atmosphere, the effect of grade, marble effect is inseparable from the luminosity, high-end marble luminosity has demand, generally need to be above 95%. Third: marbled: so-called plus ca change, marble price fluctuation of the main influence factors is the decorative pattern, marbled directly affects the final adornment effect, good pattern can be used for star hotel, with poor pattern can only be used for the flooring in the park. For some bad magic color marble price positioning, because like it, price expensive point also can receive, don't like it, in how cheap will not buy. At present, the main marble tend to be white, cream-colored, gray system.
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