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Marble slab is usually used in mechanical production workshop and measurement in the department

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-03
is used widely, so the marble factory very much, also very competitive. Successful stone material processing factory is the specialized processing and sales of marble. Strong. tablet is also very widely used, the following is the marble tablet related knowledge, for your reference. testing platform mainly used in two places, the first is the machinery production workshop; The second is the measurement in the department, it is used in a benchmark to measure work platform, there is also a platform is a cast iron platform. But compared with the test is more inclined to marble platform, is this why? The reason is that the main material is made from high quality marble platform underground layers of marble, both in terms of quality of a material is the degree of hardness, compressive, wear-resisting, high temperature resistant and corrosion degree and so on various aspects, are better than ordinary cast iron platform, and it also has a great advantage that is not rust! platform or cast iron platform, the test platform for their precision is differ, on the basis of the specific accuracy of detection platform flat again according to the national metrological verification schedule planning process, the test platform is divided into four levels, and the 0,1,2,3, naturally, the smaller the number, the higher level, and the relative accuracy is the stronger. And dominate more marble platform, there are hierarchical, so everyone is curious, if it is double level 0 marble platform, then how high is the accuracy of the it? About the precision of the measure, in our country has not yet been related to strict rules, maple measurement based on the annotation, a precision about conclusion: 2 * ( 1 + d / 1000) Um, of course, must be within the limit of temperature, generally is between 21 and 22 degrees, if the temperature is beyond the scope of the precise, then affects the results of the rating.
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