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Marble, white marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-16
White marble: it is a kind of crystal white marble, white color purity, embedded flash crystal, spotless and solemn aesthetic feeling to the person. About 30% of the total production of marble of white marble, much as a sculpture portrait, Buddha, animals and plants, etc. Historical development from the historical data, the exploitation of the marble, at least can be traced back to the tang dynasty before nanzhao, built in the tang dynasty more than one thousand years ago the footprints of marble temple tower, the building is elegant marble carving products, has been adopted and has higher technological level. In the history of the imperial palace mausoleum, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Ming tombs, heavy use of yunnan marble. 50 s marble before mining, processing, stays on the manual production way, until 1953, Dali built of marble factory, gradually realize the mechanized production, increased product variety, constantly improve the process. Its products, in addition to the domestic needs, but also exported to southeast Asia and the Arab market. wonderful work - — White marble 'all men are mortal' species may be a lot of people have seen burning lime raw materials - — — Limestone, marble is the change from the ordinary gray acrylic countertops. Limestone into solid surface sheets 'hero', is the underground hot magma. When magma into large limestone rock, under the extrusion of magma, baking, calcium carbonate particles of limestone, turned into a crystal of calcite, the humble limestone becomes bright and beautiful, clear pattern of marble. has a variety of colors and textures, white marble is white marble, the crystal white, with flash crystal, yi yi is unripe brightness, is a very expensive building materials. Pure white calcium carbonate rock is called the white marble. It is mainly composed of CaCO3 and MgCO3 and SiO2, also contains a small amount of Al2O3, Fe2O3, etc. Material reference parameters are: the whiteness, glossiness and compressive strength, flexural strength, shore hardness, water absorption, density, etc. Generally think that it is under the affected by magmatic hydrothermalism, make the carbonate formation produces different hydrothermal metamorphism and dynamic metamorphism degree under the conditions of formation of sedimentary metamorphic ore deposit. Pure white marble, white marble is a new form of limestone is. Use white marble perfect white, also used for carving of Buddha, etc. , the west from the ancient Greek era with white marble as portrait sculpture material. From ancient times, China has made of the stone steps in the palace and guardrails, the so-called 'jade bar' zhu, luxuriant jade, so called white solid surface sheets. In front of tiananmen huabiao, jinshui bridge, the palace palace base, stone steps, the fence is made of white marble. White marble is China's ancient royal architecture, sculpture, use of the precious stone, the imperial palace, the temple of heaven, tiananmen jinshui bridge and other classical architecture has extensive use. The monument to the people's heroes, great hall of the people, chairman MAO memorial hall and so on contemporary national engineering, also have a wide range of applications. They are used by the white marble, especially Beijing fang shan magmatic rock quarry nest town high-chuang village west of the produce of a stone. In 1998, the national building stone quality monitoring center, China stone association named 83 kinds of new stone material, well high-chuang white marble was named 1101, called 'China's no. 1'.
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