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Matters needing attention for decontamination and descaling in hotel bathrooms-bathroom, cleaning specifications

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-22

Bathroom cleanliness requirements The bathroom is one of the more important items in the guest room. Many experts have listed it as a facility that marks the standard grade of the room. It must not only look clean and beautiful, but also meet hygienic standards. Depending on the condition of its equipment (which often varies greatly), the specific work content also varies: All cleaning work must be carried out from top to bottom. Rinse the toilet with water and pour a certain amount of detergent. Remove the rubbish and debris, wash the trash can with clean water and dry it with a rag. Use a stain remover to remove dirt and stains from floor mats, drain openings, and tank rims. Use a cleaning bucket with a low-concentration alkaline cleaner to completely clean the floor mat, do not wash it in the bathtub or washbasin. The used water in the bucket can be poured into the toilet in the next toilet. Spray a generous amount of glass cleaner on the front of the mirror and clean it with a rag. Rinse the ice bucket with clean water, and dry it with a special cup cloth. If there is any stain on the ashtray, you can use a sponge block with a little stain remover to remove it. Clear the washbasin and dresser. If guests have items on the table, they should be carefully removed, and then reset the table after cleaning. Polish it with a sponge dipped in a little neutral detergent. Do not use towels as rags. If guests use rubber non-slip mats in the bathtub, they should be brushed with a corresponding concentration of detergent according to the degree of contamination and washed with clean water. Then, a large bath towel can be used to wrap the mat and roll it dry. Here, guest towels are allowed to be used for cleaning. occasion. The used foot towel is put into the bathtub so that it is possible to stand on it to clean the wall on the inside of the bathtub. Usually just use a neutral detergent, and then wipe dry. Dip a cotton pad with a neutral detergent on the inside of the shower curtain. Pay special attention to the lower edge of the shower curtain. Both sides of this section should be cleaned. Clean the shower curtain rod and the clothesline box, etc. Take out the towel in the bathtub and stand on the outside of the bathtub to clean the nearby plumbing devices and walls And inside the bathtub. Clean and dry the joints between the wall and the bath to prevent mildew. Clean the outside of the bathtub. Clean the toilet tank with a neutral detergent, and use a toilet brush to clean the inside of the toilet and use a neutral detergent. Rinse with clean water to ensure that there are no stains around the toilet. Roll up the non-slip mat and place it on the side of the bathtub to replace the used towels, replenish daily necessities, and indicate the variety and quantity on the work report. Clean the diarrhea under the washbasin Remove the water pipe from the inside to the outside while wiping the floor. If necessary, use some detergent to go back to the door, clean the back of the bathroom door, and then go back to the door to wipe the floor at the door.

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