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Opal is natural marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-14
Opal is natural marble? Opal is natural marble? White stone here is short for white marble, white marble from the eastern region congratulation state, wuzhou, guilin, main ore mouth in hezhou guangxi area and zhong ping county at the high town areas. White stone belongs to the varieties of natural white marble white specification plate, the main have white ash and white Huang Wen series, the base of color is white, luminosity is as high as 95% above. Thick white marble decorative pattern, the stone form factors, white stone with a little crack formation, affect the board face is beautiful. White ash grain - marble Shi Li white stones industry belongs to the natural white solid surface sheets for sale varieties is the most cheap price, the stone pattern and the influence of hardness, white always is a cheap price to sell. Bai Huang material - Shi Li stones industry
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