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Oriental white sculpture case

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-22
Product features: name: natural Oriental white stone sichuan natural Oriental Bai Daban acrylic countertops processing custom application: mainly used for made into all kinds of shaped material, plates, building metope, ground, table, column, also often used for monuments such as monuments, such as tower, statue of material origin: baoxing county, sichuan province xingxian brands: Oriental white ingredients: calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, silicon oxide, manganese oxide and silicon dioxide. Product advantage: treasure xingxian known as the 'kingdom of stone', 'acrylic countertops museum, undressed ore containing calcium carbonate amount up to 99% on average, natural whiteness is greater than 95 degrees, a few marble deposit, 42 kilometers geological reserves of 2. 1 billion cubic meters, proved reserves accounting for the province 56 marble reserves. 9%. Can be mined for 1. 7 billion cubic meters, to large reserves, texture, high whiteness is famous, is the production of high-grade building decoration materials, high whiteness, high purity calcium carbonate, exquisite acrylic countertops carving products of high quality materials. And treasure xingxian white marble marble products, neutral hardness, such as the 'Oriental white' brand won the domestic and foreign customers high praise, is of high quality marble resources. Use solid surface sheets cutting machine cut into sheets, and then use solid surface sheets polishing machine polishing grinding, the grinding and polishing mirror plate thickness, surface bright as a mirror, crystal clear, smooth texture and fine.
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