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Oriental white stone carving memorial arch made of stone, stone railings maintenance five

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-22
Although the Oriental white stone carving memorial arch made of stone, stone railings sturdy, but the last also can appear problem. In order to avoid problems with the stone material, increase the service life of the stone, we introduce five of stone care 'no. ' Not directly flush natural stone material, as well as natural wood is breathing porous material, so it is easy to absorb water or invaded by water soluble pollution. if absorbed too much moisture and contamination, will inevitably cause all kinds of stone disease, such as: split, weathering, fall off, float, spit yellow, water spot, rusty spot, hua, mist. Rinse with water so the white stone should be avoided or washed stone material surface with a wet mop. Not to be exposed to the neutral items all stone are afraid of acid and alkali. Acid, for example, often cause vomit yellow phenomenon resulting from the oxidation of pyrite content in the solid surface, acid decompose solid surface sheets contains calcium carbonate, causing surface erosion condition, base will be eroded solid surface of feldspar and quartz crystal silicon compound of grain boundary stripping phenomenon. So the neutral items is to break the stone mirror. As there are many different kinds of wax, wax market there are water-based wax, wax feeling fat acid, acrylic, oil wax wax and so on. These wax basically containing acid and alkali substances, not only can jam the wool stoma of Oriental white stone breath, also with WuChen wax scale formation, make the stone material surface produces blanching. If pedestrians and goods circulation frequency high place must be waxing, you must ask professional maintenance company guidance with wax and maintenance. Do not mess with a neutral detergent for cleaning effect quickly, general detergents containing acid, alkaline, if long time use of unknown components cleaner, will make the stone surface gloss, non neutral reagents residue will be produce stone disease in the future. Not covered carpet for a long time, to maintain the Oriental white stone debris breathe easier, should avoid long-term covering on the surface of the stone carpet and sundry, otherwise moisture to pass within the stone acrylic countertops wool stoma evaporates, stone arches, stone railings will be increased because of the heavy moisture, water content and produce annoying problem. Like must be laid carpet and piled up sundry, appropriate is often change, thoroughly clean clean.
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