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Overview of the types of decorative stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-18
Overview of the types of decorative stone veneer stone: mainly for a variety of colors such as tiger skin yellow, patterns, different specifications of natural solid surface, solid surface sheets for sale, SLATE, and artificial stone materials, including composite materials, terrazzo plate, such as varieties of imported and domestic, phyletic and various. Walls of wall mounted bar countertop material: mainly used in the external walls of building groups, different specifications, such as exterior wall with stone, culture stone, mushroom stone, wall dry hanging stone curtain wall cladding, natural type, complex and foundation stone with different specifications, etc. Floor stone: indoor and outdoor, parks, sidewalks, natural stone products, semi-finished products and waste materials stone, etc. Decorative stone, such as painting, Mosaic, wall hangings, TuAnShi, culture stone, all kinds of stone processing cylindrical, square column, line stone, window, stair stone, railing, stone of the door, the door, etc. Life with stone material, such as stone furniture, hearth stone, toilet table, desktop board, etc. Art wall mounted bar countertop: building hall, conference room, hall, corridor, hall with stone carvings, such as art fashioned, such as the famous statue, statue of animals and birds, plankton, steles, arch stone, chi Ming, etc. Landscaping stone: this kind of stone is also called & quot; Environmental stone & quot; , such as the kerbstone, car check stone, step stone, solid surface sheets for sale, screen, flower pot stone, water stone, stone pillars, stone, stone table, etc. Appliances with stone material: all kinds of different specifications of the insulation board, switch board, lamp holder and lamp, etc.
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