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Quality of marble and granite

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-06
Decorative stone materials in our country the main jobis marble and granite, both have their advantages and disadvantages, solid surface sheets for sale normally used for interior decoration, granite used in outdoor decorations, for everybody to introduce below the quality standards of solid surface sheets for sale and granite; 1 appearance quality marble and granite in the actual adornment effect on one of the most obvious problems is the texture and texture, appearance quality standards mainly lies in the stone color difference, lack of Angle, spot color line, impurities, case become warped, appearance defects such as cracks, lack of edge. Generally within one square metre is depending on the above problems, then the marble or granite to reach the quality standard. 2 gloss in stone material standard, glossiness is called mirror luster, most of the granite stone gloss value - in 80 90, natural solid surface stone in the national standard in our country, the granite gloss must achieve 80 gloss units. Natural marble gloss standards in our country main points three units of 60, 80, 90, gloss, with stone equipment with polishing machine and polishing agent, generally gloss of natural marble can reach the standard in our country, is not to say that the gloss unit, the higher the price of stone, stone material of high and low price according to the various factors of stone material, there are some stone high gloss but the price more populist, white marble gloss units more than 95%, is a very suitable for home decoration and engineering stone. 3 processing quality stone processing quality directly affects the stone decorative surface decorative effect, is also the main basis of stone hierarchies. The technical index of size deviation respectively ( The length of the deviation, width, thickness deviation) , the flatness tolerance, Angle tolerance. According to the technical index of deviation and the limit of tolerance sheet can be divided into classy article, first-rate, qualification. The user can according to own actual situation, to achieve the level specified in the purchase contract, avoid to use 'meet the national standard' wording, such as general product, can ask the supplier for each batch of products issued by inspection report. Pay attention to every batch of products, if it is classy article, there are more than 5% of the grade a is not allowed if grade a is not allowed to have more than 10% of the products, if it is, there is no more than 10% of the nonconforming products. Physical performance indicators often refers to the bulk density, water absorption, 4 items of dry compression strength, bending strength, the four trials normally only in a professional quality inspection centers. , solid surface sheets for sale block and plate standard has strict rules of specific indicators, it is an important index of natural stone material itself. To learn more knowledge of natural stone material should constantly ask stone convenient return, if do not know how to choose decorative stone, should be more walk more than a few stone, also can surf the Internet to find information.
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