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sachan case: several key questions will remain unanswered | lucknow news - times of india

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-07-04
Lucknow: The CBI may file a closing report in a designated court saying that deputy cmo ys Desan was not killed but he committed suicide.
The agency has been investigating the case since last July, and even AIIMS forensic experts have been drawn to investigate the scientific cause of Sakan\'s mysterious death.
But there is no new evidence.
This may be due to the lack of any specific evidence that the CBI may conclude that it was suicide, not murder.
The source said that for some time, CBI had hoped to find a person in the NRHM scam who would reveal the secret in the murder, but it was still a scam.
The source said that is why the CBI delayed the closing of the case.
However, if a suicide line is taken, several key questions will not be answered.
The CBI will also find it difficult to refute the points made by CJM Rajesh Upadhyaya in the judicial investigation.
CJM submitted his 78-
A report was submitted within 19 days and the conclusion of the killing of Mount SA was reached.
Witnesses said the company was sitting on the toilet and facing the water tank.
CJM\'s report says: \"If someone is trying to commit suicide, then it should be found that the body is hanged, and if the person wants to end his life by cutting the vein, then, when the person falls to the ground and squirts for a while, a point appears.
It seems to me that it is impossible for anyone to sit on the toilet, cut the veins of his hands, legs and neck and die in the same position.
\"The window on the wall of the toilet where the body of Saxony was found is 4.
5 feet from the ground
At a distance of 3.
5 feet, two blood stains were found at 6 cm and 12 cm, respectively.
Where did the stain on the wall come from if Terran sat dead on the toilet?
It is impossible for victims to do so.
Most likely the stains were left when someone tried to make the Kaban look like dead by tying the Dogan\'s belt to his neck and tying the other end to the window.
During the inspection of the premises, the officer found that the washbasin in the toilet had been removed and kept outside the toilet.
There are some 6-
There was blood in the basin.
Where did the blood come from?
The toilet that died in Koban was not locked from the inside, while in most suicides the victim locked the door.
9 people were injured in Mount SA, 8 of them were injured beforehandmortem.
The ninth injury is a binding mark and a key evidence.
It confirmed that the murder of Kaban had committed suicide.
It seems that someone hung his body in the bathroom after his death.
Kaban would hang himself up and commit suicide, and then the logic of cutting his veins, as prison officials have given, seems impractical for investigators.
He dismissed the claim that \"there are only 4 belts.
5 feet long, too short to hang, considering the location of the Cowan sitting.
Then there is the mystery of the police.
On the day he died, Kaban was at the prison hospital in the morning.
A police officer shouted outside the room in which Koban was located, \"Dr. taian aapko also took jana par jana hai, taiyar ho jao.
Half an hour later, the same police officer or someone else came to take Mount SA away.
Now, when this is not the case, why does the constable say Mount SA has to go somewhere?
Kaban has never seen anyone alive since then.
It\'s hard to give up these obvious facts that point to murder instead of suicide downloading the Times of India news app to the latest city.
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