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Second-hand house bathroom renovation practical strategy - second-hand house, bathroom, renovation

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-03

The bathrooms of second-hand houses and old houses often have many aging problems because of long-term use, aging pipes, unreasonable structures, etc. Therefore, when renovating second-hand houses or renovating old houses, many owners want to come A major renovation will solve the old problems and make the bathroom look brand new. However, if you change your mind, you must remember not to overdo it, otherwise the old problems will be solved and new problems will arise. To regenerate the bathroom of the old house, careful planning is required in the transformation.

The principle of bathroom renovation in second-hand houses When starting the bathroom renovation, the owner first needs to consider the issues of waterproofing, ventilation and space layout. These two points are the bathroom of second-hand houses. The focus of transformation. (1) Waterproof and ventilation. The bathroom is inseparable from water, so waterproofing is the top priority in the renovation of second-hand bathroom bathrooms. After kicking off the original floor tiles of the old bathroom, you must pay attention to leveling, and then waterproof the ground after drying. In addition, the slope of the ground in the bathroom should be reasonable, and it should be suitable for water to flow away from the floor drain. However, if you blindly pursue drainage and make the slope too large, it will create the impression of uneven ground and affect the overall effect. In addition to waterproofing the ground, the walls should also be waterproof. The original wall of the old bathroom has been waterproofed. If the wall of the bathroom is not changed much, you don't need to do it again, but if the change is large, you should consider doing it again. Generally speaking, the wall around the shower is about 1.8 meters high, and the bathtub and the 30 cm above the wall are waterproof. If the wall of the bathroom is a non-load-bearing light body wall, it is necessary to coat the entire wall with waterproof paint. It is better not to change the position of the toilet in the bathroom. Because it is very likely that the entire building is connected to the sewer in the same place, and changing the position of the toilet at will, it is easy to cause poor water flow. After the waterproofing is done, it is necessary to do a closed water test. The specific method is to store 3-5 cm of water and seal it for 24 hours to see if there is any water leakage. If there is no water leakage, it means that the waterproofing is successful. If leaks are found, it means that the waterproofing is not in place. This situation is generally because the inner corners and floor drains are not well sealed, which requires another brushing of the waterproof material. Materials used for waterproofing also need attention. The owner needs to check the brand of the water pipe, whether it is produced by a regular manufacturer, and check the QS mark. The bathroom is a place that produces more moisture and odors, and ventilation is the key to bathroom renovation in second-hand houses. If the bathroom to be remodeled is a Mingwei with windows, it is better. If it is a dark guard without a window, it is necessary to install an exhaust fan with high power and good performance to achieve the effect of preventing mildew and insects. In addition, you should also pay attention to avoid wrapping the pipes or making storage cabinets under the sink, which are not conducive to dissipating the moisture in the bathroom. (2) Space layout If you want to transform the bathroom of a second-hand or old house into a look you like, you must think more about the space layout. Especially the circuit settings and water pipe installation in the bathroom. If an electric water heater is used in the bathroom, a separate set of wires must be pulled, while another set of wires should be used for lighting and other sockets to prevent accidents. At the same time, install several more sockets in different positions in the bathroom for future use. The dark guards with poor ventilation or no windows must be equipped with exhaust fans to prevent accidents from accumulation of moisture or gas leakage. According to the area of u200bu200bthe bathroom, determine how many sanitary wares should be placed in the bathroom, and then plan the location of the water pipes and water outlets. The direction of the pipeline should avoid the in-wall circuit, the length planning of the pipeline through the wall should be considered before construction, and the size of the pipeline at the exit of the wall should take into account the latter size after the wall tiles are laid. When renovating the bathroom of the second-hand house, it is necessary to determine whether to retain it according to the position of the bathroom building materials and the position of the original water inlet and outlet, and mark the positions that need to be retained or removed. When planning the location of the water inlet and outlet and sanitary ware, there are generally the following standards: The center distance of the hot and cold water pipes of the shower mixer is 150mm, and the distance from the ground is 1000--1200mm; the water supply port of the one-piece toilet is generally 200mm away from the ground; About 450--550mm; the water supply port of the mop pool is 200mm higher than the body of the pool. Reasonable layout of the bathroom space, the layout of the separation of dry and wet areas can be adopted. The drying area is the area used for storage, such as the storage area of u200bu200btoilet paper, towels, bath towels and other items. Non-dry areas are not conducive to storage, mainly the shower, toilet area and sink area. Larger-sized houses generally have two bathrooms, and the main bathroom in the master bedroom is private. The design can be based on the owner's hobbies and habits. The area should be divided into wet and dry areas, except for bathtubs and toilets. , In addition to the washbasin, you can also consider putting it in the dressing table or dressing space. The second bathroom set on the edge of the living room belongs to the public nature. In terms of function, in order to use hygienic and easy to clean, the decorative materials are mainly wear-resistant and easy-to-clean materials.

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