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Seven Beauty Products Makeup Your Bathroom Dream-Bathroom Space,Beauty

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-12

When the bathroom space plays an increasingly important role in people's lives, its health will directly affect our health. Open the autumn room beauty manual, the reporter has collected seven beauty products for you in the market. Bathroom magic perfume: that is, all kinds of air fresheners or aromatherapy products sold in supermarkets. However, an experienced citizen, Master Liu, said that the simpler method is to put a cup of balsamic vinegar or an open box of cool oil in the bathroom, and the annoying odor will disappear naturally. Tile active color foundation: Various multi-functional decontamination creams or decontamination powders on the market are the best foundations. After using a toothbrush dipped in decontamination powder to remove the dirt in the gap between the tiles, you can also brush a waterproof agent on the gap, which is not only anti-seepage, but also anti-mildew. Glass traceless lotion: Smooth mirrors and windows will be covered with nasty watermarks due to long-term close contact with water. Many brands of spray-type glass cleaners on the market solve this problem. Makeup remover: The water (shower) in the bathroom can be gently wiped with a soft cloth dipped in some neutral detergent. Do not use acid lotion or wire brush to clean. Toilet whitening mask: It is an essential beauty work to use a special cleaning agent for the toilet and make a mask for the toilet regularly. The hydrochloric acid solution sold in some chemical supply stores is also an inexpensive toilet whitener. Ceramic Brightness and Fragrance: After cleaning the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware, wipe the surface of the sanitary ware with a soft cloth dipped in a little white vinegar or wipe it with the peel of a lemon. After a while, the sanitary ware will be as bright as new with a fresh fragrance.

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