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Several advantages of Suizhou gold hemp

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-16
kkrsolidsurface -- solid surface sheets is a very common kind of stone. We can see it everywhere around our lives. The structural characteristics of golden hemp granite make it one of the stones that are not particularly large and can be used outdoors for a long time. As a common type of many natural stones, it has high bearing capacity and pressure resistance, sex, grinding and ductility are very strong, easy to cut, and have high shaping characteristics. The building made of gold hemp is of high grade, with a luxurious atmosphere and a feeling of returning to the original, virtually, the taste of the building is improved, and the house decorated with it is called 'Golden House. Gold hemp is a natural granite through a series of exquisite processing, so gold hemp has the texture of natural stone and has the characteristics of bright crystal, hard and permanent, noble and elegant. Although the strength of the gold hemp will vary due to the difference in the composition of the elements, the gold hemp is a high-quality decorative stone with fine crystalline particles and high strength. Gold hemp is afraid of higher humidity, and more water vapor will cause hydration, hydrolysis and carbonic acid effects of yellow sandstone, which will produce weathering, denudation, rust yellow water spots, whitening, and other negative effects, destroy gold hemp. Therefore, the installation outlet of Suizhou gold hemp should pay attention to its dryness. If the environment is very poor, it will block the gas exchange in the gap of gold hemp, and it will also be stained with dirt to form dirt, causing yellowing on the surface of gold hemp.

The thickness of solid surface sheets is introduced. How thick is the stone in Suizhou Golden hemp square to pass through the vehicle? solid surface sheets Ma square stone generally uses stone with a thickness of more than. If the foundation is solid and there is no problem such as hollowing, it can carry more than 25t of pressure every x area, it is enough for ordinary vehicles. Do you have to fill the hole in the use of Suizhou golden stone? Look at the usage. Holes are the main features of travertine stone. The decorative effect of stone with holes is especially obvious. No holes can be filled in the indoor use environment. However, the stolen goods in the holes in the future are not easy to clean, affecting the decorative effect. In the outdoor environment, especially in the northern climate with ice, holes must be filled, otherwise the freeze-thaw effect of water absorption will destroy the strength of stone. solid surface sheets is used in the horizontal grave or vertical grave? The texture of the travertine stone is the weakness of its strength, and the texture should increase the safety factor of the hanging along the length direction. When vertical stripes are required, the length direction is installed vertically, and when horizontal stripes are required, the length direction is arranged horizontally.

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