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Several factors affecting the marble gloss

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-23
Choose marble stone decoration materials most people would choose white solid surface sheets for sale, not just because the white beautiful, atmosphere, clean, still have a plenty of its gloss than high, interior decoration, deserve to go up white marble lamps and lanterns can however, bright, clean room, the mood was cheerful. gloss of high and low depends mainly on two aspects, one is adopted by the polishing equipment technological factors if we do not consider the stone itself, is, of course, the better the equipment craft polishing stone shine brighter, single for polishing process, the main factors influencing the gloss stone material for polishing liquid, polishing grinding. Process parameters are the concentration of the polishing agent and supply, the polishing pressure and velocity, etc. In less than a certain level, before the polishing speed increases with the increased concentration of polishing agent, after the maximum density, to increase concentration, the polishing speed reduce instead. Similarly, polishing agent supply to a certain value, the polishing speed maximum, if continue to increase supply, after polishing speed reduce instead. Appropriate increase pressure of polishing, can increase the polishing speed, but the pressure is too large, grinding effect strengthening, is not conducive to burnish form below. The polishing speed depends on the pads ( -- - Too much speed, but the linear velocity, polishing agent will be left out, cause waste. 2 stone itself inherent factors of different mineral stone, the polishing process is different. Like big flower green marble, it belongs to the strong toughness, can consider, but not easily polished stone. containing a certain quantity of soil minerals, may also affect stone gloss. A typical example is the anhui anhui red screw. Stone biological limestone rock name for selected layer. Parallel planes cutting plate is biological decorative flower type, more like clams screw, very beautiful, but because of containing a certain amount of clay mineral in the ore composition, after polishing plank is difficult to reach 85 on gloss. Like white marble, belongs to the medium hardness, main component is calcium carbonate, stone particle is larger, fine polishing glossiness after high above 96%, smooth as a mirror, is a kind of high gloss decorative stone, belong to the low in price, very suitable for engineering of natural stone material choice.
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