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Several key elements to achieve Eagle Sanitary Ware***-Eagle Sanitary Ware, Faucet

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-20

Lead Removal Process Baojiaying Sanitary Ware lead removal technology includes acid treatment and alkali treatment process to remove lead directly on the surface of drinking water, so that the product meets the requirements of NSF61 in the United States. Compared with ordinary water, it can completely remove lead in water ingredients to minimize lead content. Eagle Sanitary Ware, saves water and is more environmentally friendly Water is the source of life. With the gradual reduction of groundwater storage, water resources will become a more valuable natural resource after oil resources. Eagle bathroom water resolutely put an end to the waste of water resources, while ensuring the convenience and comfort of use. To achieve water-saving goals from the following aspects: 1. The flow of all basins and showers conforms to the national urban construction industry standard? Water-saving domestic water appliances? CJ164-2002, controlled within 0.15 liters/second; The double-speed water-saving valve core saves about 50% of water when using the front gear; 3. Most of the basins and kitchens use water-saving aerators, which save about 40% of water compared to full-flow aerators. Eagle bathroom's own anti-scalding design The ordinary shower adopts the method of mixing water (ie warm water) to surround the hot water, so that the entire water surface does not directly contact the high-temperature hot water, thereby effectively preventing accidental scalding, especially suitable for families with the elderly and children. Compared with the top brand in the same industry, the thermostatic shower anti-scald design adopts the structure of cold water and semi-enclosed hot water, which is more user-friendly and more advanced in technology, because the semi-enclosed structure is only anti-scalding on the outside and the top, but not on the inside. There is still a risk of scalding while living on the body; Eagle Sanitary Ware cares for consumers from a holistic perspective, even if the whole body is grasped, it will not be scalded, and it completely solves the real anti-scalding solution as a whole, and consumers will not be hurt no matter how they touch the body. . Housewives can be easily installed Eagle bathroom completely solved the problem of easy installation. All single-hole countertops are equipped with plastic quick-and-easy installation sleeves. After placing them on the basin, you only need to put your hands in and use the sleeves to tighten them directly. There is no need to use other tools, and there is no need to drill down to the bottom of the basin, which greatly reduces installation. Difficulty, even housewives can easily complete the installation, the real realization of fast and easy installation in place, and the follow-up maintenance is still very easy and convenient!

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