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Shi Li stones sawing marble large safety operation procedures

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-23
Marble saw procedures have? Manufacturer to answer for you. The correct use of protective equipment and effective safety protection measures. Operations must be in strict accordance with the regulations on the use of manual correct use of machine tools, familiar with the performance of the machine tool. Open saw before operating in strict accordance with the requirements of content inspection on machine tools. Removing replace the saw blade, must confirm the machine stopped running, after may, must wear protective gloves when disassembling saw blade, guard against scratches, stabbed. 4. Machine is working, it is strictly prohibited to any body contact operation processing zone, it is forbidden to get stuck with the hand or object has been cut off. Saw blade must level off, the blade sharp sharp, shall not be used for edentulous saw blade or crack of the saw blade. Smooth workpiece fastening after first run idle, to be functioning normally again after saw into material. Operating sawing process must open cooling fluid, cutting feed may not be too fast, shoulds not be too close to the running of the saw, lest saw blade snap artifacts after debris flying out of cuts. Processing of materials to put a smooth, can not shake. 10. Application of lifting device will material lifting in the lifting platform, for lifting and big saws operators to cooperate with each other, to prevent the smashing equipment and cuts. 11. Sawing machine in operation, banned movement artifacts and adjusting cutting distance. 12. Is abnormal sawing machine, immediately press the stop button. 13. Sawing machine operation are strictly forbidden to use heavy hammer objects, sawing machine working operation personnel shall not leave work at will. 14. Daily maintenance of equipment operation personnel in strict accordance with the requirements and the tally.
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