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Shi Lifang extension value of marble, super powerful!

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-11
2019 benq international sculpture creation camp, sculpture artists make Shi Li stones industry congratulation state white solid surface sheets for sale their tool to express ideas, pieces of marble block after finely crafted sculpture artists, to realize the conversion to a perfect fusion of art and sculpture became one, has a great imagination, the perfect interpretation of 'congratulation state white' pure and beautiful, let Shi Lifang marble shows its cultural value. The 10th China asean mining recommended by eight boards lines of stitching like nature itself a majestic landscape, east stone on the cover of the calcium carbonate trading center 'jiangshan so much jiao' and 'wanli Jiang Shanmei picturesque' two elegant setting wall is composed of Shi Li stones industry originality design, unique natural color, rich natural clear texture embodies the aesthetic value of marble. Use value is embodied in Shi Lifang Shi Lifang marble natural marble household life experience in a unique, different styles of marble table and marble coffee table, and spelling a flower design of floor tile, natural texture is clear, waterproof non-slip also no radiation, is both beautiful and practical. When designers involved in marble, both use value, but also has aesthetic value. When have the aesthetic value, it will appear at a premium, then produce the marble extending function value. Shi Lifang natural marble life experience of marble stone carving kylin figure, vivid design, considered a lucky, there is a great fortune, such work meticulously, also has a special cultural value. , 13 years focused on stone decoration design, its marble mines 12, an annual output of 3 million tons of marble, with six sets of advanced production equipment, is the collection Bai Tianran marble processing, service and marketing in the integration of industrial chain group co. , LTD. Company also special requirements of users against the production of various kinds of special-shaped handicraft and calcium carbonate powder products, is the preferred supplier for hundreds of domestic stone material dealers.
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