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Sichuan baoxing mine production safety meeting

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-20
On February 21st, treasure xingxian organization held a mine production safety work conference for the first time in 2019. County emergency management agency, natural resources and planning bureau, county public security bureau, county water district and county environmental protection bureau, county forestry bureau, transportation bureau, county county, head of the traffic police brigade and 19 major mining enterprises attended the meeting. The county committee and the standing deputy heads of counties, the county committee, deputy director of the standing He Yuke, and county public security bureau chief, deputy head of county people's government, county committee, deputy director of the sea was present at the meeting. Meeting requirements: each enterprise must attach great importance to, understand the situation clearly, strengthen field management, in strict accordance with the mine safety design, water conservation, the eia requirements make a comeback this year to return to work related preparatory work, formulate effective solutions and measures to resolutely curb major and above production safety accidents. Comrade He Yuke requirements: one is that each enterprise should firmly establish a safe development philosophy, strictly implement production safety responsibility. Close combinative oneself is actual, self-check, in checking the safety hidden trouble in time, keep the mine production resume work preparation; Second, departments should pay special attention to the foundation work, strict with production work resumption YanShouGuan. Who should be in accordance with the 'acceptance, who signed, who is responsible for' principle, strictly executing duty, examined strictly in accordance with the acceptance standards; Three is to prevent fluctuation kongfu, strengthen the safety publicity and education training. Deep draw on lessons learned all kinds of production safety accidents occurred in recent years, the lines, extensive safety publicity and education training, strengthen the personnel safety consciousness, improve the ability of self-protection and emergency disposal; Four is earnestly perform their duties, strengthen the emergency duty unattended, strengthen emergency drills, however, channels unblocked information, timely report the relevant information, to ensure that our county mine production safety situation is stable. Comrade sea summary emphasized: companies want to further understand the situation, raise awareness, compaction responsibility, do the meeting spirit to convey to real, safe hidden trouble checking to real, real, clear responsibility to enhance the consciousness of the red line, stick to the bottom line of thinking, always keep the wake-up call, coal mine safety in production work earnestly do a good job in our county. As the saying goes, backer has mountain, draft on water! Known xingxian in baoxing, not only is the first giant pandas were discovered deep in the mountains, lush vegetation and renowned Chinese and foreign baoxing white marble stone. White marble acrylic countertops industry is a pillar industry of baoxing county, two 5 people in the white marble industry production and the development. In the trend of the development of the western region, sichuan province so much treasure xingxian county in sichuan stand out due to mineral resources. Sichuan baoxing white marble is also known as 'the day the first white 'white marble, white marble acrylic countertops material in the domestic solid surface sheets industry enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. Many xingxian mineral resources, mainly with marble, limestone, granite, gypsum, barite, coal, iron ore, etc. Among them, baoxing has to 'baoxing white', 'blue and white', 'blue gray marble and' China green 'and' baoxing smoky quartz ', 'cauliflower yellow' and 'emerald green solid surface rare acrylic countertops more than 30 varieties, the total reserves of 3 billion cubic meters, have the laudatory title of' stone museum, notably the 'baoxing white marble is most famous. Especially to baoxing white marble 'is abundant, pure white and flawless, fine texture, folding resistance is strong, the high rate of material 'characteristics and with the Italian' carrara white 'reach the top of the list, sell well at home and abroad. Main production: sichuan treasure ltd. is baoxing white marble, white marble, Oriental white, landscape painting marble series.
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