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Sichuan granite stones manufacturers analysis water spot solutions

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-07
Sichuan solid surface stones manufacturers analysis water spot solution pearl flower is a commodity, we have excellent production technology, state-of-the-art weapons facilities and the working group of the industry, any output high quality goods, clearly is your best choice. Then small and into your share is pearl hydrosols spot supervision. Chemical cleaning method to this kind of method is mainly used stone water spot removal agent to carry out the cleaning. Remove or destroy the stone of spot of alkali or alkaline water Silica gel ( C - S - H) Loss, make its can be affected with damp be affected with damp, then the detailed case reach regulation water spots. Mathematics method of cooking this kind of method is mainly used the effect of high temperature high fever to distinguish between alkali - Silicon suspension in the water, making it into a solid suspension, again USES the stone protective agent to carry out the moisture. Because this kind of method is solved the surface part of the stone, as a result, when the alkali - Silicon suspension into solid state, will immediately from the bottom of the stone and the surrounding water adsorption, water spots from morning. Common goods is daylight or flamethrower. Cleaning bake synthesis stone water spot removal agent to remove or destroy in the stone of alkaline water spots Silica gel ( C - S - H) Moisture, again by the baking method to dry stone. Brightening tonal tonal brightening method will use method of the color will be the water spot disease of stone color slants shallow part of the stone color, make its reach with dark brown parts of stone the color of the same or close to, then arrived in nice decoration case. Brightening tone method and divided into preventive brightening and usually tonal brightening method, prevent brightening tonal law in regulating stone colors together, stone also has a preventive role, usually tonal brightening method only adjust the color of the stone, not the preventive role.
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