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Six Whimsical Bringing the Corner Wallpaper Back to Life

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-11

When wallpapers are posted at home, it is inevitable that some leftovers will be left. Many people vow to DIY some objects by themselves, but they have not seen the real action. This issue provides you with 6 wonderful ideas for decorating with corner wallpaper, simple and uncluttered health scales, and more. Simple and effective, bring back the brilliance of the corner wallpaper that sleeps in the closet. Plain Wall Dialogue Hollow Flower Curtain

The walls in plaster clothes look a little lonely. The flower pattern in the waste wallpaper is hollowed out to make a flower curtain, and the head and tail are equipped with metal accessories for fixing and increasing the drape. Hang it next to it as a partition, which can not only allow the wall and the flower curtain to communicate in the space, but also It is in harmony with the overall style of the room. Simple and festive packaging gifts

The festive bright red and colorful flowers, whether adults or children, can't help but fall in love with this brilliant colorful world when they see the exquisite gifts. Large-scale monochrome or patterned wallpaper, both innovative and highly decorative, is a great choice for wrapping gifts. It is recommended to use thinner paper-based wallpaper, which is easier to fold and form. Grey and white health scales

It is an ideal shortcut to create an elegant and warm bathroom environment. In order to match the tiles and mosaics in the bathroom, the health scale is specially dressed in gray and white flowers, and the cold space is immediately full of warmth.

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