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Small apartment integrated bathroom 'popular' before the festival in 2012-Small apartment, integrated bathroom, 'popular' before the festival

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-17

Nowadays, the elements of bathroom decoration in home decoration are getting more and more attention, and the requirements for decoration style are getting higher and higher. What trend will the bathroom space show in 2012? The visit found that the small-sized integral bathroom has quietly become a star in major stores recently. The features of reduced space and increased functions, as well as the application of a large number of new technologies, new processes and new materials, make it favored by the newlyweds. Richer product functions In the display area of u200bu200ba small-sized integrated bathroom in a bathroom specialty store, the traditional wall-mounted and hand-held showers were replaced by extra-large showers fixed on the ceiling. It not only saves space, but also adds a gentle rain-like shower feeling. The salesperson said that using the shower head on the shower wall can bring a carefree waterfall-like shower experience. According to reports, the small-sized integral bathroom is not simply to reduce the size of the product, but through the application of new products, new technologies and new design concepts, the space utilization is more adequate and reasonable. Not only has the product function not reduced, but it is more abundant than ordinary bathroom. The details reveal the essence The new toilet and bidet brackets are hidden in the wall, and the toilet lid is fitted with a hidden hinge that can be gently closed. The toilet uses touch flush technology, the touch controller is mounted on the back wall, providing dual flush, easy to use and responsive. In addition, many details fully reflect the essence of the product. The single handle of the bidet adopts intelligent water flow technology, which saves water and electricity at the same time. With a concealed design, it will not be exposed when closed. The toilet spout is a hand-held, retractable mini-shower that cleans the entire toilet in one piece. The salesperson showed a new, more affordable product. The bathroom cabinet of this product is connected with the washbasin and mirror, which can save space; the multi-level design can accommodate a large number of bathroom supplies, and can put down more baby products in the future; the compact toilet is placed adjacent to the bathroom cabinet, next to the bathroom cabinet. It is a silver shower room. The neat arrangement makes the bathroom well-organized and the space layout is compact, which greatly improves the overall style of the bathroom. It highlights the storage and practicality of the bathroom, and is the first choice for many newcomers and families of three.

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