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Small-area integral bathroom is more in line with the era of hardcover rooms-Integrated bathroom, hardcover room

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-07

The three major advantages of the overall bathroom set off a small wave in the market The bathroom terminal market in my country has just started, and this is the current situation of the overall bathroom market in my country. It is understood that in 1974, Keyi Sanitary Ware introduced the whole bathroom into China. In 1997, the first integrated bathroom came out in Changsha. After years of development, more and more Chinese people have come into contact with this new concept, but only a few can truly integrate the concept of the overall bathroom into home decoration. In a sense, we can think that the whole bathroom is the integration of the agricultural production system of bathroom products and bathroom design. In the future design concept of the whole bathroom, humanization, intelligence and simplicity will become the three major trends. Under the premise of following these three development trends, the overall bathroom will become more and more personalized. It is understood that after gradually meeting the needs of medium and high consumption levels, many integral bathroom brands have begun to shift their attention to the ordinary consumption level. Now almost all brands of integral bathrooms have the ability to design integral bathrooms in small bathrooms. The small-area overall bathroom is undoubtedly a design model that is more in line with China's national conditions. How to design and produce overall bathroom products that are more in line with the consumption of ordinary Chinese will become a major consideration for bathroom manufacturers. As people's purchasing power increases, and the overall bathroom design and installation standards are getting closer to ordinary consumers, the overall bathroom will gradually enter the homes of ordinary people.

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