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Some projects on marble floor after grinding refurbished the phenomenon such as grain, peeling, black pinhole, the effect of nursing after return not equal to don't care, give away the stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-15
It says it is in the renovation will appear problem, we often in the property project also will encounter such a situation, the door of the bathroom, coffee, stone material ground, use after a period of time, there will be water rust spots, yellow phenomenon. This is because the pollution of water, if we know the stone protective agent can effectively choke liquid of stone, we are in, will make processing, protection could prevent the occurrence of these phenomena, would not face the subsequent disease governance issues. There are more similar cases prove the stone care away from wall mounted bar countertop protective agent.
what is the wall mounted bar countertop protective agent? care of national vocational qualification training textbook gives a specific definition: stone protective agent is to prevent the natural stone material produce the phenomenon of pathological changes such as hua, water spots, rusty spot, can effectively reduce the stone material bibulous rate, improve the stone fouling resistance and corrosion resistance of the solution.
since stone protective agent so important, how can we properly? We must first understand the stone protective agent is a grade, is a national standard products, we should choose in the construction by the state detection of grade a products above; protective agent has a lot of classification, to understand the classification, we can make better choices in the specific work and the application. protective agent, for example, according to the feature points are oil type, and waterproof type two kinds, the stone protective treatment of the region in the restaurant, we know that should choose to prevent oil type protective agent, because like restaurant area is mainly oil pollution. We in the construction of protective agent should also remember 12 main point: the word clean, dry, grade, full amount, evenly, preserve one's health.
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